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Holocaust Clips

Discussion in 'History' started by claireparkin4, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hi I am doing my PGCE and am very stessed! I have been asked to deliver a Holocaust lesson on Monday and to show clips from Schindler's List and The Pianist. I saw the films a long time ago and dont have time to watch them again. Could anyone please point me to clips showing - the persecution of Jews, ghetto's, Auschwitz

    Any help would be gratefully recieved!
  2. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    Speaking as a History teacher for nearly 3 decades, can I gently suggest that showing a class some clips you haven't seen can be disastrous - doing so on a subject such as the Holocaust can be very unwise - there are questions of suitability, taste, ensuring a very important subject is treated with respect etc.

    IMHO - however stressed you are - take time to select the clips you want and make sure you know them well.Believe me it will be time well spent...

  3. I absolutely agree with FolkFan, you need to be very careful about which clips you use when teaching the Holocaust. Not least because you need to be thinking about WHY you are showing these clips. Both Schindler's List and the Pianist are fictional accounts of the Holocaust and it is very important that they are used in this way. They are not just there as 'illustrations'. What are your objectives in this lesson? Will the students be studying these films as interpretations? That is the only way I would use these two films in lessons.
    Maybe you need to ask your mentor for some more help on this...
  4. I totally agree, you need to watch the films. The holocaust is a tricky topic to teach, to teach it well you need to be showing the clips for the right reasons and in the right context. Have you talked this through with your mentor? Have you looked at the departments plans for the holocaust unit?

    I would also really recommend that you read Teaching History Issue 104, it contains great advice, guidance and ideas for tackling a tough topic that if handled correctly can really change the way that your students see the world.

    I remember a friend of mine on their PGCE let Schindler's list run and ended up with lots of boys whooping at the sight of bare breasts.

    Watch it first!
  5. Couldn't agree more. Some of the best moments in the film do have a degree of violence in them that may not go down well. It's fine if you know your audience, but to unknown students / lesson observation staff it could be a disaster. The film does also have scenes with bare breasts which sometimes come up when you least expect it - that could be a disaster in an interview.
    With all interview lessons my advice is plan a good lesson but play it safe!
  6. Hi there, just seen your post and I'd echo what people have been saying on here about the need to have clear rationale behind the use of film in your teaching, and how you should avoid exposing your pupils to shocking images or footage. Here at the Holocaust Educational Trust we believe that survivor testimony can be really useful in teaching this subject, and our BAFTA-award winning resource "Recollections" can help you with this. You can find out more about Recollections here:


    We also have a number of lesson plans and Schemes of Work which can help you use this survivor testimony. If you'd like more information please do feel free to get in touch via info@het.org.uk or 0207 222 6822.

    Best wishes


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