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Holocaust - Assessment??

Discussion in 'History' started by dhartley25, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. dhartley25

    dhartley25 New commenter

    Hi Gruffy
    I do teach a Holocuast unit in year nine on (unsuprisingly) the significance of it. The assessment I use is that we discuss the significance of the event as a class and then they create a mind map showing links between the different arguments.
    They use an A3 sheet to write down the arguments given about its significance and they complete them with evidence and an explanation. Also some will be able to make links between the key arguments and they annotate this by drawing a line on their mindmap and use a different colour to say 'These points are linked because...'.
    The final part is that I get them to write why the Holocaust could be deemed as a more important event than something else in History. They justify why.
    This is the link to the resources I uploaded on the website:

  2. Hi Gruffy,
    I also feel uncomfortable about a "normal" assessment on the Holocaust so this year we are doing things a little differently. Each of our six year 9 classes have to prepare a contribution for a "Remembrance" service. Pupils will share readings, poems, art, short stories etc, and each teacher will make a personal contribution. We will have music from the music department, involvement from the Head of RE. One class of pupils will prepare a PPT to play in the background. I have also collected a massive list of names and ages of children who died in the Holocaust and each pupil will be given a name of a child as they come into the service. At the end of the service, each pupil will come to the front and read out the name of the child they are remembering then they burn the name of their child. I am not sure we will actually be able to level all the work the pupils produce in the normal national curriculum way - one group of girls are working together on their own song, based on the story of Regina Franks in the old SHP workbook, and I am unsure how to assess that for example, but I don't care - I hope that in whatever way they interpret the task, preparing a contribution for the service will be a more meaningful means of assessment of what they know about this topic.
    I should mention that we are a religious school, Catholic, but I think you could do this in a state school, its not overly religious, although some of our kids are writing prayers, but this was their own idea and you wouldn't have to have this if you were not a religious school.

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