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Holistic Education

Discussion in 'Staff, pupil & parent's wellbeing' started by Tracymf, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Tracymf

    Tracymf New commenter

    Good morning
    I am an holistic creative educator, which basically means I teach children young people how to use creativity to express and zone in on their emotional place . To give interventions and positive opportunities to express is the fundamental process to healing trauma Including wellbeing in thoughts with negativity and anxiety. Eating disorders , abuse and overcoming fear ! I have over twenty five years of professional experience and training . I have been in the Middle East for the last three years providing holistic education to those who have suffered severe trauma from war and being exposed to passive war also ! Survivors of ISIS and those faced with daily trauma of loss of identity in the camps ! I have an extensive work history of working with children from all backgrounds especially those who have been in trauma in all its ugly forms ! We have to learn together to be able to deliver the best outcomes of love education support and a future of hope.
    I had a paper produced in 2018 on The transformation of education in the Middle East . Scientific journal.
    I am now in the North of England and would really like to share my knowledge and experience and offer interventions and training to schools across the region as we prepare to go back into schools ! we have to give our students the absolute best of support for their future and ultimately our world’s future. I am completely qualified and DRB.
    please email me or call

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