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Holidays and maternity pay help

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by looloo123, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I have just (this weekend - eekkk) found out we are expecting our first child.
    I have downloaded the maternity pack from my LEA and had a quick read through.
    I am wondering if anyone knows what happens with school holidays.
    For example, if my maternity leave runs through oct half term and xmas hols am I entitled too them back - if that makes sense. I cannot find any information on these anywhere?
    My LEA is Lancashire if anyone can advise.
    Many thanks
  2. First off, congratulations!!
    As far as I understand it you won't be entitled to your hold 'back' (I dont know if you mean financially or in lieu). I ve just started mat leave and will therefore receive my first 4weeks as full, then drop to 90 then 50, regardless of what time in the academic year it is for teachers. However if you can time it in to start mat leave the day you should return to school after some hols, then you gain an extra couple of weeks e.g I did originally plan to start my mat leave on 3rd jan, but would ve finished on 16th dec and been paid as normal for those 2 weeks hol. Hope that makes sense x
  3. I think I understand ......[​IMG]

    I think I will be due at the start of August (maybe the 3rd- yet to be confirmed) so would just have my mat leave starting from the day after I have the baby - as potentially it could get middle of Aug.
    In terms of hol - I suppose or I think I mean in Lieu. What I am thinking is can these be added on at the end of your entitlement (as extra time off).

    Sorry if I am being confusing.

  4. The latest you can start your mat leave is your EDD - so this will be some time around the 3rd of August for you, when you have this confirmed. You can't add on your holiday entitlement to mat leave as you can for other jobs - all you can do is end it at the start of a holiday. So if you end your mat leave on the first day of the summer hol, you'll be back at work and getting paid but obviously won't actually go back til Sept.
  5. Fab. Thanks for that. Makes sense now. Thanks to both of you.
    L x
  6. Im a bit confused about this as the burgandy book agreement mat leave section talks about us accuring annual leave but obviously we cant take it when we want - 5 weeks to be precise, my maternity leave will cover June HT, the summer, Oct HT as part of my paid leave and potentially Christmas if I choose to take longer as unpaid mat leave. As I will lose 8 weeks of my 13, should I not be entitled to some of this back? Other jobs accrue their annual leave whilst off, hence my friend having just been off on mat leave for 13 months, 2 months at full pay annual leave and the rest as mat leave. Im still confused, help please!! xx
  7. I think as another poster states, because we have no choice when we take our annual leave that if the holidays happen to be during your maternity leave it's just tough luck, you don't get to add them on to the end of the maternity leave. It may very well be different for other jobs where they don't have their holidays decided for them.
  8. That isnt the case because in other jobs you are entitled to bank holidays which are fixed. This has come up before - I think it is illegal. It may be covered through OMP but if that.is the case no-one could be made to.pay it back. Unfortunately the teaching unions are useless seemingly on this kind of thing, which requires some understanding of the law.
  9. Europe ruled that we should accrue holiday and Scotland now do let teachers accrue holiday and take it at the end of the maternity leave but England doesn't - it's just hard cheese missing holidays.
    you can put the first day of a holiday as your return to work date.
  10. So really then it is waiting for someone (ie the useless unions) to mount a proper legal challenge.... I imagine it would end OMP though and some may prefer it that way around.

  11. Congratulations looloo123, I'm in exaclty the same position, so you've asked the questions for me - thank you. Very best of luck for your pregnancy.
  12. Thanks for all your responses.
    Gingerish - your welcome! And good luck too.
    I have been researching all weekend - we definetely cannot get holidays back but as someone said can put our back to work date as the day the school breaks up for the hol.
    So I plan to work until the end of summer term, will have the baby in August (but keeping my fingers crossed he/she makes a late appearance ) and will go back the day before the May/Jume half term so I am then paid for that week off.

  13. You can't start maternity leave any later than your official due date, so if the baby is born late you would still have started ML on the day it was due rather than the day it was actually born. If the baby is born early though, maternity leave kicks in from the day the baby is born.
  14. I just received some information from school and it mentioned holidays. Apparently, we're entitled to acrue 28 days paid holiday per year while on maternity leave. The information states that this holiday time must be taken during normal school holidays so I think it basically means that if you return during school holiday time you're entitled to be paid for this time. However, it also states that if you decide not to return to work you will be paid for this holiday time which obviously would help towards paying back the occupational maternity pay!

    I'm not entirely clear on the details as I only received the information yesterday and haven't had a chance to ask questions etc, but I thought I'd share what I know!

  15. I can see the point about losing holiday pay as other people don't, but do you really think its fair to come back at the start of a holiday? At my last school someone came back from mat leave on the last day of the summer term - which was an INSET day. The person who'd been covering for her had then been offered a permanent job starting in September, so she missed out on pay for the summer hols as the other person came back to get it. It seems to be a bit ridiculous to come back for the start of the hols, yes I agree we do lose out on the holiday thing - but then we do get a lot more holiday than other people.
    I think its only fair to your school, colleagues and the person who has been covering you to go back for a decent amount of time first, before expecting 6 weeks pay for not even having worked. And yes that is what I did when I went back after mat leave because else its just a selfish way of returning to work.
  16. If someone has had to start maternity leave in late July/early August and chose to return at the start of the following summer holidays they could, quite justifiably, look on this as the holiday pay they lost out on at the start of their maternity leave
    What a selfless act of martyrdom. Did your school, colleagues or the person who had been covering you thank you for your sacrifice? Did your partner or child thank you for the sacrifice you made of their time with you?
    The person covering should know the terms of the contract they are taking on. They could negotiate a supply rate in the summer term, or negotiate an agreement to be paid for holidays, or they could simply decide not to take the contract. I fail to see how a returning mother owes them any favours at her own family's expense.
  17. I used to think the exact same thing as you tarae1973 but since becoming pregnant and going on mat leave have completely changed my mind. I want to go back in June/July as can't afford to take more time off, however, I'll have to pay for childcare for 6 extra weeks over the summer for the sake of a few weeks back before summer holidays. I'm hoping to persuade family to help me go back for the week before hols start so I can prep ready for sept, but otherwise have no choice. I do worry what my head etc will think but have to put finances first. In reality, a teachers maternity deal in england is pretty poor, pay wise and not claiming our hold back. Readdressing the balance by gaining an extra 6 weeks seems kinda fair enough to me....
    I think what I'm saying is, its easy to judge the situation until you're in it on SMP for months....
  18. Hmm - bit of a snarty response to a fellow professional's measured opinion. I find the tone of this posting quite dismissive and smug.

    I am one of those teachers who is currently providing maternity cover. I consider that I am fortunate to have this position as teaching jobs in my rural area are as rare as hens teeth. I am contracted for 12 months, but according to my LEA this can be terminated with one days notice should the teacher come decide to come back to work earlier than the 12 month period.

    Unfortunately, other than knowing that the baby has been born, there has been precious little contact from the teacher about her likely return to work date. Not one visit to show off the baby - and no idea of when she may be coming back. She was off sick prior to maternity leave and has been absent now for 11 months.

    So, in these times of uncertainty I envy teachers with permanent positions and guaranteed jobs. In the meanwhile, I'll be grateful that I have a job - although it is temporary - and hope that I might actually get to know soon when I'll be out of work and scrabbling around for some supply work. At least I can manage my own expectations!

    I have children of my own, but worked in industry during my maternity leave periods when we had to give quite a firm indication of our intentions for returning to work. Regardless of where and when you take maternity leave, the teachers' scheme isn't bad compared to many in industry.

    So thank you to tarae1973 for your considerate view. It's a shame that others are so dismissive of those of us who endeavour to do a fantastic job while covering maternity leave. It's massively frustrating just to be viewed as a stop-gap. I for one would love to stay where I am, and will be extremely sad when I have to leave.

    Conversely, I hope you make the most of your maternity leave periods and that your little ones give you much joy :)
  19. Penny the teachers scheme is poor. I work in the private sector for a company that ONLY provides the legal minimum and when you take paid holiday into account (which teachers dont get) the 'package' basically comes to the same thing. TBH I think your argument should be with the LEA/school not the teacher returning - who cannot come back giving only a day's notice!

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