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Holiday with 6 month old- experiences please!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by princessmelody, May 26, 2011.

  1. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    Are you taking your car? We went to IOW last year. Stayed in Cowes. Had a great time. Loads of things to do- I think you should treat it as a holiday with OH that allows you to take LO too as realistically LO is going to be content with being with you. We went to Osbourne House, Carisbrook Castle (madness at 6 months pregnant- too many stairs!).
    We went to Valencia with LO when he was 4 months old with another couple and their LO for 4 days. We went swimming, ate out, just enjoyed time together. Did no sunbathing or lounging like I would have done pre LO. I figure holidays will be different until LO is big enough to enjoy building sandcastles and entertaining himself!
  2. jacqui_f

    jacqui_f New commenter

    We went to Malta last year when our LO was 6 months old. I started weaning a couple of weeks early so as not to have to do that when we were there. I packed all the pouches andbits we needed in the suitcases and took very little in hand luggage - managed to get enough stuff airside. We also only took a few nappies and a small amount of formula as I checked we could get both of what we used out there - I was BFing partly anyway which made things easier but we did have to get used to disposable nappies all day as LO has worn reusables since he was about 3 months.

    I managed by being really organised with his stuff and checking everything I could and couldn't get on holiday. The flights were fine and he even slept for a bit. We took our won bedding for the cot and a cloth highchair. We also bought a Maclaren buggy to take rather than the Quinny.

    We also went to Center parcs when he was not quite 4 months and that was fine too. We stayed in the hotel and it worked OK. Again, we planned everything carefully so we knew what we needed to take and what we could get there.

    Good luck!

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