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Holiday with 3month old

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by cherub2635, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    We are going on a big family holiday in May. It will be a little girl's first holiday. We are going to Majorca and I would love some advice about what to take and how many nappies etc.
    Would also love any recommendations for cheap lightweight strollers that we could take. We are already taking a baby carrier but need a stroller too.
    Thanks in advance, Cherub
  2. When we went away with our little one she was 9 months, so in some ways it was easier - less nappies but then she was weaned so we had to take a load of pouches. I would have thought you'd need 5/6 nappies a day and 2/3 packs of wipes. If you bf, that will save you a whole load of weight... which makes more room for your clothes and shoes :) Don't forget, its not like your going to a third world country, they're are shops there etc if you did need something. x
  3. Forgot to say, you can pick up on ebay a blackout/pram cover with spf so your LO has protection from the sun. One ofthe best things babies can wear is a baby swimming suit with built is SPF 50 - they defo do them in Boots. PS dont forget to take some calpol/nurofen just in case. x
  4. Great advice, thanks chalky! We formula feed so lots to take, but i'll just make OH take less haha, I cannot cut down on my clothes - need to take lots of huge cover-ups as MIL and SIl are very slim and gorgeous!
  5. Ha Ha.. love the plan for OH...I even offered to do it for my hubby and then you can always accidently forget to put in a few t shirts - what do they really need anyway ;-)

    Another thing then to bear in mind if you're bottle feeding is if you're going to buy bottle of water there, its worth comparing the NaCl content as some are a lot less than others and even advertise that they're baby friendly :)
  6. morning star

    morning star New commenter

    Use Evian as a baseline for the mineral content but in Spain lots of water advertises itself (in small writing) as ok for alimentacion infantil.
  7. We took our LO to Portugal when she was 4 months- I think a great age to go before they are crawling- she would be much harder to contain now!!
    -Might think about: something to suck ie dummy if she has one on take off/landing of plane or feed her at that time.
    -Sounds crazy but we took some baby sunnies which were surprisingly useful when she was in the carrier along with sunhat.
    - We got a little bug inspect repellant thing that just transmitted a noise (no chemical) which we clipped to her pram in the evening.
    - A big sunshade to go over pram- also useful if you plan to go out for dinner and she can sleep in pram in the dark. For that reason you may want to spend a little more on a stroller and get one that goes back flat (daytime naps when yr out too) but you may not be bothered about that...
    Have a lovely holiday!
  8. Hi.
    Getting a compact buggy is half the mission!
    Check which airport you are travelling from as you can pre-order your formula milk/powder and pick it up when you have checked in and gone through security (this helps with the handluggage restrictions!
    Dont take nappies! Unless you have a huge luggage allowance! We used to do this and then realised that for all the hassle and weight we may as well buy them there (and in italy they are so much more expensive!)
    Have a great holiday. The thought of travelling with a little one is much worse that the actual event - they sleep most of the way!!!

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