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Holiday pay on maternity leave

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by chat_noir, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. chat_noir

    chat_noir New commenter


    I was wondering if anyone knew how holiday pay works whilst on maternity leave as my HR manager and county hall don’t seem to have a clue!

    I get paid 4 weeks full pay, 2 weeks at 90% and then drop down to 50% half pay for the rest of the 18 weeks.

    I have read that legally I accrue holiday entitlement whilst on maternity leave, but being a teacher this can only be taken in the school holidays.

    So, in my mind I’m thinking that my maternity leave should pause when we get to a school holiday. I should then pick up full pay for that holiday (as it will be taken as holiday) and then the maternity leave will continue after the school holiday.

    Does anyone know if I have got the right end of the stick on this?
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    No, maternity leave does not pause.

    You have the right to carry the accrued statutory holiday leave into the next year. However as the amount of holiday you get the next year is more than two years' worth of the statutory entitlement, my understanding is that teachers who return to teaching don't actually get anything.

    I did wonder whether it's different now that shared parental leave gives you the chance to take up to three separate blocks of leave, but it appears that employers are only obliged to agree to one continuous block. I guess you could ask about taking separate blocks and returning for the main holidays, but I suspect they'll say no.
  3. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    That is why some teachers return to school in time for the start of a holiday.
  4. Diagro

    Diagro New commenter

    It does not pause. Its actually really unfair.
    But that's how it is.
  5. Piscean1

    Piscean1 Senior commenter

    I think Scottish teachers get a bit extra to make up for the holiday pay but not sure. We don't in England though. It is really unfair.

    I'm due in the summer holidays and I'm currently working all the way up to the end of term to protect my full salary over summer for as long as possible. I resent the idea of having worked the whole academic year only to end up on a reduced salary during the summer holidays when I've already done the work to earn the money!

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