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holiday in Australia

Discussion in 'Personal' started by SpanishMiss, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. planning a 3 week holiday to Australia in April/May - but don't know what to see. Am being realistic and know we can't see everything! Thinking of a week in Perth and WA, a week in Sydney .. but what else? might leave Queensland until another trip. Any advice on what else to see- Alice Springs?? Uluru? Melbourne? Adelaide?
    would love to go wine tasting too? any advice on best places?
    too much choice!
    thanks in advance, Spanishmiss
  2. planning a 3 week holiday to Australia in April/May - but don't know what to see. Am being realistic and know we can't see everything! Thinking of a week in Perth and WA, a week in Sydney .. but what else? might leave Queensland until another trip. Any advice on what else to see- Alice Springs?? Uluru? Melbourne? Adelaide?
    would love to go wine tasting too? any advice on best places?
    too much choice!
    thanks in advance, Spanishmiss
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Some great places outside Sydney for wine tasting in the Blue Mountains so you needednt go far for that. Take a trip to Whitsundays if possible or Fraser Island, especially if you can or want to snorkel/dive. We hired a ship for a few days from Airlie Beach, was stunning!
    We didn't make it south of Sydney but the great ocean road is meant to be a lovely drive. Work in Australia travel for 2 years so just shout if you need info on specifics. x
  4. Uluru can be done in 1 day, a bit like Mars with flies! Although if you do go, the sounds of silence dinner is an absolute must. Star gazing in the middle of the Ozzie desert whilst munching on Roo and Croc...unforgettable.
    Can I suggest the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. A fab day out to go snorkelling and a fab hellecopter ride back over the reef and rainforest comes highly recommended. There is also the rainforest to explore andthe Auzzies do touristy excursions very well.
    If you want fun then Surfers Paradise is good for kids. Great arcades that cost next to nothing in the evenings, it's like Blackpool on steriods and amazingly clean and friendly.
    Hope this helps!
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    We travelled around Oz for 8 months and went to every state and territory except Tasmania.
    If I was to go for three weeks I would pick one area and stick to it, but that is a personal decision.
    So choose Victoria and do as much as you can there in three weeks. You will only scratch the surface of WA in three weeks (if WA was an independent country it would be the ninth largest country in the world!)
    The top end plus a flight to Alice/Ululru would be my personal choice - but no wine there.
    So much to see, so much to do.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I spent just under 6 weeks in Oz ten years ago and my brother is just back from spending 5 weeks there.
    I did Perth (3 weeks), 5 days in the red centre (Alice Springs, Uluru, the Olgas and Kings Canyon), 4 days in Sidney and the rest in Brisbane.
    My brother did much the same but went to Darwin and Cairns instead of the centre.
    It doesn't matter where you go you'll have a ball - it's a fabulous place and the people are incredibly welcoming. I'd kill to go back again.
  7. I can remember wine tasting in Alice. I can't remember what it tasted like mind!
    Wouldn't recommend Darwin for a holiday: back of beyond!
    As you're not wanting to do Queensland, I would recommend Perth and surrounding areas - beautiful!
  8. Guest

    Yes, thats what we loved about that area.
    Kakadu National park - spectactular, Litchfield park is wonderful, Edith Falls, idylic spot, Katherine Gorge/Nitmuluk - is a fantastic day out. I would have loved to go into Arnhem Land.
    Mataranka hot springs were good and its the land or the We of The Never Never book . I loved the drive to Alice from Katherine, the Daly Waters pub experience is an institution and Banka Banka cattle station to a really good slide show and talk about life there. Thee isnt much to 'see', but that is what we liked about it.
    Devils Marbles are good and the MacDonnel ranges around Alice are lovely, especially camping at Trephina Gorge, this was one of the highlights of our whole Oz trip, it was spectacular and t
  9. From Perth there are boat trips to the vinyards, the trip is all day and worthdoing. I also did a motorcycle tour in and around Perth, I think they were called atomic tours - may still be going.

    Cohuma wildlife park used to have a revolving restraunt -you can pet kangaroos in the morning and then have lunch. If it is still going (sorry last trip to Oz was 1997) then when you are seated ask for a table away from the window, that way you look at the menu at the start and by the time your food arives you have a fantastic view.

    Rottnest Isalnd is another day trip - Quockas are such cute little creatures<font size="3"></font>
    <font color="#669966" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3"></font>
    Sydney I love - see an opera even if you don't like opera.

    I would normally recomend Cairns and the barrier reef but at that depends where to go.

    One tip for the flight - most go via Singapore, and you have a couple of hours to kill there. Singapore airport has a swimming pool. Pack swimming togs in your hand luggage and after a 12 hour flight chill in the pool.

  10. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    If you do Victoria, you can have mountains, desert, temperate rain forest, surf and a truly cosmopolitan city. Melbourne.
  11. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    Can't believe you're the only one who's mentioned Melbourne pom!! I've only been to Oz once - a year and a half ago, and it was with work. We stayed in Melbourne and it was gorgeous - if I could afford a holiday, that's where I would go (with some of the more obvious places (Uluru, etc) thrown in. My cousin lived there for 5 years and said that Perth isn't a patch on Melbourne! Have a fab time anyway - I'm sure wherever you go will be wonderful!
  12. OK i'll give you that Derek, the surrounding areas are lovely, and Kakadu especially is outstanding. Darwin itself though? (I used to live there!)
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    That night time market on the beach is alright, I have to say I wasnt a fan of any of the cities in Australia, its the stuff outside the cities we loved.
  14. OK, if you want to do those seriously Australian things - everything everyone's said about various places is pretty good. Especially the stay only in one or two places and use them as a base.
    In SA, Kangaroo Island is a lovely spot - seals, koalas, kangaroos and some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere (but not in midwinter.) Or go north to the Flinders Ranges. Wilpena has a couple of nice places to stay. If you're here at the right time of the year you could go whale-watching either at the Bight or south at Victor Harbor. Then from Victor you could go across to Goolwa or up to Mannum for a paddlewheel steamer tour up the Murray - some of that is spectacular. The Jacobs Creek wetlands, all the wetlands, will be terrific after all this water.
    And if you like wine. Clare and Barossa Valleys, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, Coonawarra. If you're also into food, those regions have some fabulous eateries as well. I wouldn't bother with going specifically to Adelaide Plains or Riverland wineries unless you just happen to be in the area. On a paddlewheel cruise you'd probably stop off at a couple.
    You've really got a lot of choices. Decide on a couple of main things that you must see or do. Then fit in whatever you can around the itinerary to suit those prime activities.
  15. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Talking of Adelaide - Hahndorf, well to the north of the city is worth a visit. As is Coober Pedy further north still. The Tour we went on was worth every cent. Saw where one of the Mad Max movies was filmed, saw the location used for 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'' and Opal Dreams. Plus plenty of good quality locally mined opals on sale at a reasonable price. (keep the receipts, you can claim back the GST, VAT to us Poms, at the airport)
    On the whole, though, I prefer Victoria.
  16. Bless you Derek I'd completely forgotten about the night markets. There was another really good market, did a lovely papaya salad, can't remember where now - out in the suburbs somewhere. And the gaol at Fanny Bay and the Cycone Tracy exhibit and the food (once had szechuan crocodile in a chinese restaurant there, beautiful!) ahh it's all coming back to me now!
    I actually did have a ball, the people were great, just remember the city being so much more back in time than anywhere else. And the heat (troppo season where everyone literally does go troppo!)... like no where else I've been.
  17. Not surprising, for many people. Adelaide really is a sort of gateway to the outback. Once you're past the Adelaide Hills (Hahndorf is in the hills) there are only a few green places - but not very green in April or May, though this year it might turn out magenta with turquoise stripes.
    Victoria, like the other Eastern states has mountains and real forests.
    Just like Perth. though, if you go south there's some truly lovely country. You could choose to visit the Coorong now it's got some healthy water in it (esp if you have any childhood memories of watching Storm Boy). Or go to Mt Gambier in the southeast near the Vic border. The "Blue Lake" is actually blue - it's not a reflection of the sky, though dull weather dulls the colour.
    I'd overlooked Coober Pedy - a real curiosity. I was once a bridesmaid at a wedding in the underground church back in the 70s. Great fun.
  18. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    That would be the Serbian Church adelady? I lit a candle for my mum in there.
  19. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I spent January 2010 in Australia. We were in Sydney for the beginning and emnd of the trip (6 nights in total), flew to Alice Springs and had drove straight to Uluru (1 night) and Kings Canyon (1 night, with dingos outside the chalet!), 2 nights in Alice and visited School of the Air, Botanical Gardens and Flying Doctor Service ... then flew to Tasmania (8 terrific days touring with a 2 day beach stop at Bicheno on the East coast, thenflew to Adelaide and drove to melbourne (3 nights) and drove the Great Ocean Road back to Sydney.
    Miss jubilee (in her 20's was glad we persuaded her to go to the opera with us in Sydney - her first time).
    If I go again, I'll definitely return to Tasmania and spend more time around Launceston and Bicheno. We rented a lovely beachside property (at the local estate agency) that was up for sale and earning its keep in the meantime.
    I'd be wary of planning anything in Queensland / Great Barrier reef etc this year as they are dealing with such devastation from the floods.
  20. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    If you are in Tassie again Jubilee, try Pyangana. We stayed at the St Columbia Falls Hotel - aka The Pub in the Paddock. It's not far from Bicheno, but off the beaten track.

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