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Holiday blues?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Karvol, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    If you are that desperate for work, you could always go and work in a summer camp for 2 or 3 weeks.
    Failing that, if you have the right subject, work for a revision course.
    How about just going on holiday?

  2. Take up golf.
    Perfect weather compared to other school holiday dates, cheap green fees during the day (10 quid for 4 hours of entertainment, nowhere else will you get that value for money)
    It's gets you out of the house, keeps you fit (sort of) and also you will probably end up making a group of three or four players so will make friends with people (who are also probably teachers!)
    And one day you will be invited for a round by someone on the senior management team and will need to be able to hit the thing.
    for the times when you're not playing golf you can buy a wii to practice on!
    good luck!
    P.S. be careful, it's addictive.
  3. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    My thoughts exactly. There are plenty of great opportunities out there - no way should you need to contemplate doing nothing for six weeks.
  4. As someone who is looking for that elusive teaching post ,i'm not exactly in your position. You are as you say brave to express these feelings when I imagine most teachers just want to collapse into a different mode of being and pursue other activities( after the planning that is)
    I can also relate to these feelings. What worries me though is your lack of work/life balance here. Not a judgement ,just a statement of fact. Is this a healthy way to live? Does the work,no matter how much we enjoy it, have to be so all consuming? These are questions I ask myself ,so please don't take them personally. Yes, take up some new hobbies, get a social life, take a holiday. Read that novel you have always wanted to but never have the time or mental energy. Failing that do some writing yourself or make some educational resources.
    I would be interested on other people's take on this especially those of us who are single. Do people pursue activitities outside teaching in the term i.e a musical interest ,choir. If so ,are they like one member of SMT I heard of take their marking with them,in this case to the side of the swimming pool.
    If we have no life outside teaching what happens when we retire? Oh to be fair our lifes may be nearly over by then :) Interesting to hear other comments on the related topics of work/life balance,vocation v job. Enjoy your holiday however you spend it!

  5. believe81

    believe81 New commenter

    An interesting thread!
    I have no children as well but find the holidays go so quickly, I never get done all the things I want to. During the holidays, I always intend to spend the first week doing school work, like planning lessons for next year, resources, scheme of work, revision materials etc. This intention goes out of the window as I enjoy lie ins the first week and day time tv! I end up rushing to do school week a few days before going back.
    Steve, do you not have any preparation that you can be doing for next year? If you are not subject leader etc, you could always speak to your HOD and ask if there is anything you could be doing, like preparing resources or ICT stuff. It shows good initiative on your part. I know one teacher who organises all the VLE stuff for a few days in the holiday and I'm extremely grateful.
    Aside from this, I agree its important to get a good work/life balance. Maybe take a holiday, teach in a camp or even what about voluntary work? If this is your first 6 weeks off, I think you'll be fine and find that the time goes quickly because you're doing all the things you don't normally get to do and enjoy during term time.
    Hope this helps,

  6. there has been a previous thread in a same vein - on 'personal', i think - it isn't just you.
    if a teacher is single, not wanting to do a mad dash round relatives, or not having the realtive to dash around, not inclined/wealthy enough to travel much, not consumed by a hobby, not sporty or finding the enforced companionship of social sport too much, and solitary sport too - well, solitary- the summer holidays can loom
    do you want something that will bring in extra money, give you a sense of satisfaction or just make the days pass quicker?
  7. Hiya,
    Thanks for writing, and good luck finding a job!
    Without wishing to come across defensive, my worklife balance is pretty good, I never take work home, have plenty of friends, am in a rock band and am happily married, I just think that teaching has changed my mindset that I can't laze around anymore, need to keep my mind busy. I've blown all my spare cash on fancy hols earlier this year so that's out.

    I think its also about the company, as a teacher you are always surrounded by almost too many people, then come the hols everyone's still at work or off travelling. Maybe I need to get the wife doing some TA work so we can disappear together in the summer!!

  8. I also like the golf idea gappy- I used to play a bit when I was young! Tho if the Head ever asks for a game I think I'll let him win!


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