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Hole in ceiling - third chapter

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Kinsa, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Thank you for your previous support and advice re my home improvement woes! Into 7th week now and there is still a hole in the ceiling, but no asbestos - as we all thought. Insurance company have agreed a generous sum to replaster, but our plasterer is booked up for the forseeable future. Meanwhile, my OH has knocked the hideous fireplace out - he had to hire a pneumatic drill to do it. We have 35 sacks of rubble to take up to the recycling depot and a wheelbarrow full of whole bricks in the sitting room. We are confined to the study upstairs as the air downstairs is thick with brick dust. It will get better, won't it??
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    yes but if you spray the air with a fine water mist it might stop the air floating with dust. once its settled then vacum it witha wet/dryvacum cleaned and then wipe down wth wet clothes.
    You now need to find a new 'recommended' plasterer but if you wanted to speed up the time take the ceiling down yourselves.....just make sure you wear masks and hard hat if you are worried, and also a skip..which will mean you can dump the other rubbish in it as well and save the car springs!
  3. You might be able to freecycle the hardcore probably the bricks as well. Lots of freecycle sites have a list of local recomended tradesmen as well. Google freegle as it is better than freecycle.
  4. Not round here it isn't!
    My advice is to try both and see which has most movement in rubble and stuff.
    Here Freegle wouldn't get a single response! Freecycle would have a few takers almost immediately - it depends entirely on what your local situation is!
  5. Thanks for responses. I did look on Freecycle for 'Wanted' but no entries. OH not keen on offering as we have had so many timewasters in the past. Will try Freegle. Room not very dusty now and plasterer is coming on Thursday! Hurray!!

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