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Hold your nerve on IFL fees

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cardoon, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Checked their website. Zip.
    If I'm doing something illegal (beyond breaching my contract of employment), then the only person who thinks so seems to be you.
    Don't know how it is down your way, but the sky is in its normal place here (there's even some sunshine).
  2. On one hand FE lecturers have to pay a £38 annual IfL fee, on the other FE lecturers get paid £10-20,000 a year less than teachers in primary, secondary and special schools and sixth form colleges (teachers earn over £36,000 after ten years if they have had the normal increments, and in London it is more like £45,000 after ten years, and that is for a standard classroom teacher without any management/leadrship/subject leadership add-ons), so what do FE lecturers consider going on strike over? the £38 IfL fee of course.
  3. Have I missed something? Where's the call for a strike?
  4. The fee isn't the issue.
    This is the wrong thread to hijack about FE payscales.
    There is no strike regarding the IfL.
  5. UCU members voted overwhelmingly (90%) to boycott the IFL, the NUT is generally advising members not to pay the fees and, judging by the low numbers of teachers enrolling by the (much) extended deadline, many non-union teachers have taken a similar stance.

    Individual teachers have also been busy, there are a number of Facebook groups opposed to the fees and there is currently an e-petition on the direct.gov website, calling for the compulsory membership to be replaced by a voluntary model. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/2594
  6. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    IfL will not do the Turkey thing. If it were made optional (as most people forget the IfL was initially when it had very few members) very few would renew or join.
  7. I agree, in any other limited company heads would have rolled by now.

    The petition is for MP's to review the legislation making registration /membership of the IFL compulsory. Only 100000 signatures needed.
  8. Anyone have a link?
  9. The E-Petition is easy to find, it is under the petitons relating to the Business department, not the Education department.
    The NUT is officially advising all of it's members working in Sixth Form Colleges NOT to renew or pay for IFL membership. There is a briefing document on the NUT website.
    The Principal of the Sixth Form College where I work has said openly that they would not take action against any staff refusing to pay the IFL membership fee. There is an anachronistic situation in Sixth Form Colleges due to staff being in the GTC or the IFL. I have not been subjected to the sort of pressure that I have read of in General FE colleges. Clearly the IFL is selecting it's targets, I'm not surprised by this cynicism.
    The sooner we see the end of the worthless organisation that is the IFL the better; don't pay, sign the petiton and follow the advice being given by your trade union. If you are not in a trade union then frankly you should be.
  10. See my post above, copy & paste I'm afraid.
  11. three quarters didn't vote at all, that's far from 'overwhelming'
    not a recognised FE trade union now sixth form colleges are not in the sector, so not important - were not even part of the employer/union/IfL discussions
    there are two, with very few members

  12. your post above? are you saying you are also one of the above posters?
  13. On the grounds they don't have to, it's hardly significant that NUT is advising this (if, indeed, it is)
    See above, same applies
    a couple of renewal reminders, hardly 'pressure' is it?

  14. You haven't renewed your membership, you know this - why do they need to tell you something you know?
    Yes, colleges are covered by regulations, not the terms of the SFA, it has absolutely nothing to do with the SFA
  15. Didn't know there was a Turkish IfL, what are they doing?
  16. Which post above?
  17. 'Teachered' has made three points to which I wish to respond:
    1. The NUT guidance is official; the document outlining the position is on their website and local representatives have been instructed to tell NUT members in Sixth Form Colleges not to pay IFL fees.
    2. Sixth Form Colleges are FE colleges. Not to be confused with School sixth forms which have a different funding and legal status.
    3. I have only received one reminder about my failure to renew my IFL membership; teachers in 'General' F.E. colleges have received numerous reminders, if posters on this forum are to be believed.
  18. To amend my point 2. Sixth Form Colleges have seperate legal status from schools and 'General' F.E. colleges. This does not effect the argument regarding the NUT's advice to teachers who work in post 16 education. I am a teacher in a Sixth Form College; I am not paying my IFL fees, I am following the official advice of my trade union. Everyone in Sixth Form Colleges should do the same. I do not see why it should be any different for teachers in 'General' FE colleges.
  19. Teachered always makes me chuckle with his/ her posts. No offence but his/ her grasp of statistics is clearly rather poor.
    Surveys and ballots conducted by organisations are open to all members.
    UCU had nearly 30% of members respond. A sample size of this magnitude can be taken as being representative of the population.
    IfL have received a 4% response, at best, to any of it's surveys and have considered this to be representative of membership. Did Teachered complain to the IfL about this shoddy use of data?
    Furthermore, IfL telephoned 1078 members for their last survey, about 0.5% of membership. I wonder if they randomly selected a stratified sample. If not, the validity of the whole survey could be called into question. And yet again, IfL claimed this was representative.
    Proportion is what needs to be considered, not how many voted. But even if we look at totals, more people voted no to IfL in the UCU ballot than the best response to any IfL survey!
    Oh, and then there's the low renewal figures following three deadlines and further pleas. I think it's pretty clear what many members and lapsed members think.
    Please don't give up your data analysis Teachered. I always enjoy a laugh!!

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