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Holbeck Hall Hotel

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Gertie Grumbles, May 25, 2008.

  1. I had a good link but it is now advertsing junk.

    I wish I had saved the photos on it!
  2. There's a video on espresso under coasts if you have it.
  3. We have just done this and searched for ages to get the clip and then discovered it is on espresso.More houses have fallen in just recently.
    I have a newspaper clipping but I would not be able to get it until after halfterm.
  4. Glad you like these sites skills1985. Sorry but I didn't see your acknowledgment or thanks. Must have missed them.

    Do get rather fed up of making an effort to help and receiving neither acknowledgment or thanks....

    So rude ....
  5. still ... I won't stop trying to help others ...
  6. MzB


    Thanks sweepings for pointing me back to this thread. Can't seem to get search working for specific threads and keep forgetting to add to hotlists.

    Thanks Gerti for the links. Downloading pp at the mo. Taking forever though as something up with the speed of my internet today. I have now been planning since 11 and its beginning to pppppppppp me off! So slow!!

    Will hopefully get to look at links!
  7. Thanks for posting this. Have adapted it to use with my Year 10s. Brilliant resource- saved me so much time.


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