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HOD Science - getting shortlisted in Manchester

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by stueyn, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Looking for some advice/ideas:
    My girlfriend and I are looking to relocate from Essex to Manchester. We both teach and have 6/8 years experience (meaning we are MPS 6 and UPS1 with TLR's). Having applied for several HOD Science jobs I am getting a bit concerned - I have only been interviewed once and not even shortlisted for the remaining 4 posts applied for. I'm not not wanting to sound arrogant, yet I feel that having been HOD of department for the last 2 years, my experience is good.
    I'm looking for advice from anyone who may know what the issues may be - feedback from schools I have applied for has been vague and non-commital.
    I have a theory that it may be that we are 'expensive' compared to other applicants, but am really not sure. Has anyone got any ideas?
    All advice/input gratefully received.
  2. I have had similar issues, I am applying for Deputy headteacher jobs in Manchester hoping to relocate from London. I have been shortlisted twice for AHT jobs, but there are so few jobs and so many applicants that getting shortlisted is very tough for the DHT ones.

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