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HOD personal statement

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by gamji, May 10, 2017.

  1. gamji

    gamji New commenter

    hi all
    new to this! have been teaching for the last 3 years, now applying for HoD role in an outstanding school.
    No experience in the HoD role but enough exposure as the current temp HoD is very hands off so we all contribute in some way. Really don't know what to write and where to start as i'm worried that it will not have substance ( read examples) just fluff. it doesn't help that the school is very much in demand from parents and teachers alike, and i don't have a honours degree!!!! I know i'm a very good teacher as have got good & outstanding from ofsted but need to reach that stage first in the selection process :(
  2. Snorkers

    Snorkers New commenter

    I would start with the person specification - make a list of what they're looking for and come up with an exact example of a time when you have done that task/met that criteria. If there are lots of examples you *can't* give, then maybe you're not ready yet; you can then schedule that into your professional development plans for next year. I know that this isn't a popular view based on a lot of HOD appointments that I see, but you're a relatively new teacher (in the grand scheme of things) and might benefit from more experience before having to lead others' teaching. Check out the HOD forum on here for more ideas.
  3. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    Agree with above. Tomanage as a HoD, you need to be able to walk into a class and teach with zero preperation. If you can't do this yet then you maybe are not ready. Plus your post makes me think that you lack the confidence to be a HoD yet.
  4. gamji

    gamji New commenter

    i can teach without any prep but have not made a year plan or worked on SOW and that's what worries me. u r right i lack confidence because the school may prefer Oxbridge. i know i will get the role if i was to apply in my current place if opp comes.
    at this stage all i'm looking for is an opp to do a sample lesson!
  5. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I don 't think it is just the matter of drafting a work plan or a cohesive SoW it's about leading and managing people - they are your best and most precious resource. Enthusiasm, ambition and teaching well routinely - yes, great but if all that was needed to become an effective HoD there would be a lot more applicants for this kind of post. It is a huge responsiblility . I have seen many colleagues struggle at this level because they were not ready and a consequence both Faculty members and crucially the students have been disadvantaged .... I suspect you also need some more ' street cred ' in the professional sense ( as opposed to the writing in text speak sense ? )

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