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HoD interview

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by lemonadi, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Hi All.

    Applying for a HoD job and wondering how I might best prepare for interview. I'm confident with all the issues connected to my subject (Geography) but won't really have experienced leadership questioning before. If anyone had any advice it would be very much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I got asked:
    1)How to deal with a demotivated pupil in a colleague's class
    2)How to promote my subject in the wider school community
    3)How I use ICT
    4)To outline somew ways I link my subject with others in the curriculum and how I incorporate citizenship
    5)How I would promote high standards of teaching and learning

    Also, I would really recommend you look at the Jobseekers Section on here. I really believe that without the advice, questions and ideas on there, I would not have got the job. for example, there's a good tip about how to expand your answers in an interview situtation. Strategies such as the ones mentioned are so useful because I think thinking on your feet can be tricky in a moment of great stress. Good luck!
  3. Hi Prof and SS - thanks so much for your advice. Really is a totally different game to class teacher interviews isn't it?

  4. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    From my two HoD interviews (I was successful the second one, not the first!), they both seemed very interested in what I'd actually <u>done</u> rather than what I could talk about. I found it really hard to pick out things on the spot, but later thinking about it, there was loads I could have mentioned.
    Try and make a list of things that you've done that have been beyond teaching your own class - have you ever covered for your HoD for any reason, ever set any work or organised any classes other than your own, set exams, organised trips, etc. Obviously don't lie, but don't be afraid to big yourself up for things that you've assisted with.
    If you do that and you still have very little, you should consider doing as much as you can in your current post to make it easier when you apply again in the future.

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