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Hmmm...what to do with my life?!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by jj80, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    So what are the overall thoughts on supply teaching for the upcoming year? Does it look like there will be fewer and fewer jobs? Will we still be in classrooms with unruly children? Will I still be waiting...and waiting...for a phone call to only end up having another unpaid "day off"? I was lucky enough to get a seasonal job last month as a sales assistant at one of the Royal Palaces in London. I do have the chance to apply for permanent work, but its only 8.60 an hour. I figure I could maybe have some luck applying for other jobs in the Palaces down the road.

    So basically, I would like some advice. Shall I end this **** supply job mess of a career and give up looking for permanent work (as Im originally from America and not even qualified here) and just settle in for a lower paying job with maybe potential for better ones? I thought about staying on supply for the money...but who knows if that would even happen. urgh! [​IMG]
  2. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    I've recently applied for a non-teaching post that pays roughly the same as supply per year, although of course with much less time off.
    My reasoning was that the basic salary will increase each year (or at least not go down as supply teaching has) and that it could lead to other things (whereas supply will not).
    For what its worth I believe supply teaching is at its lowest point (certainly in the 12 years I've been doing it) and will slowly get better. As budgets bite schools might decide to employ fewer CSs and just book supply when its needed. Fewer students will take up teacher training as fees increase and many current supply teachers will look elsewhere for employment.
    But whilst I predict an improvement in future years I'm not prepared to wait if anything else comes along.
  3. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    great points. Thanks!!
  4. I'm just intrigued as I have been doing supply work for quite some time now and I'm half looking at different careers as time goes on. Can I ask what sort of non-teaching jobs you are looking at? I'm wondering whether our skills are transferable for other jobs and what those jobs will be...
  5. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    I have a science degree and was an Analytical Chemist before training as a teacher. Your transferable skills will depend alot upon what your degree is in. Teaching gives additional skills in terms of "people skills".
  6. Supply teaching is dead. Six paid days last year and as many 'unpaid ones'. Working through agencies, I made a net loss of about £800, last year. What to do though? I am 61, with over thirty five years of working as a maths and science teacher but all my attempts to find other work have come to nothing. I have got down to the point of applying for leaflt distribution jobs, again without success. Apparently, none of the 'skills' I have acquired is considered 'useful' or transferable. Literally, I cannot think of anything else I can try.
  7. Hmmm, the problem is, is that my degree was 'Professional Studies in Primary Education with English Literature with QTS', (I know, quite a mouthful) but the English was only a small part of the course. My plan is to continue to do supply and apply for more teaching jobs and some non-teaching ones. I quite like supply when I get a nice balance between lots of day-to-day and some long term work, it's just when there seems to be gaps in the work that I then panic. I don't even mind getting 3-4 days work a week, it's just that last term, there were some weeks where I didn't even work at all! Let's see what happens this year...
  8. Supply is totally and utterly dead. I walked away from agency supply at the end of 2010. That was after 4 days throughout the year. I heard the stories of 200 people applying for each post and walked away from it.

    What saddens me is the fact that my local college are promoting themselves getting 95% employment and I know for a fact how few jobs there have been advertised in the area. There will be a lot of people thinking "I'll just do a bit of supply" and there won't even be that. It appears that teachers are not favoured for CS and TA posts either, from speaking to various people. It is a lot of work to get qualified, only to be faced with this reality. From conversations I've had, it appears that contracted staff have little idea or concern with the supply/general employment situation.

    There is a massive bubble in graduate education at the moment and teaching is no exception. It will be interesting to see what happens to universities when prospective students lose faith in their added-value. It's now a hideous cost to ultimately be in a massive pool of people, a lot of which are more impressive than yow.
  9. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Albertdog..................... What about the Book People or Educational Book companies. Writing freelance as an Educator Author on topical subjects. Educational insurance Agencies. Risk Assessment in Education. TEFL teacher. Take in foreign students to improve their language skills. Offer one to one lessons in your subject.
  10. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Set yourself a target average income for the month and if you're not meeting it after a few months look elsewhere. That's what I'm doing. I'm at the far end of my teaching career so I don't need to earn a full-time equivalent income, and so far supply's been paying its way, but if it all gets too silly I'll stop doing it.
  11. With the exception of taking language students as lodgers, I have tried all your suggestions, penny, with little response and no success!
  12. Hi Albert and everyone else on here
    Albert, I sent you a personal message about a business opportunity that would be great for you....and indeed anyone else.....not sure if you got my message as I haven't heard from you.
    This business has very little start up costs, full training which is free and you can put in as many or as few hours as you want.
    All your skills as a teacher are transferable and of value to this business.
    If anyone is interested in knowing more please send me a personal message.

  13. crusell

    crusell New commenter

    I put together this resource page for teachers and online marketing which might provide some inspiration.
  14. Hi, this is my first time posting on here. I was about to start a thread and then found this which is almost the same as what I wanted to say.

    I am a primary supply teacher who quailified in 2006. I have managed to complete my NQT year but have never managed to get a permanent job. I am sick of covering for people long term and then having nothing at the end of it, being forced back to waiting for the call every morning. I was lucky last year that I managed to get a maternity cover otherwise I would have had little or no work. This year isn't looking as good at the moment. I have had no work as yet. I have half a day next week as a TA as its all they can offer me and I have 4 days booked between now and the end of jan which I am being paid a lower rate than normal as the budget is so tight (I am just glad to have some work in a school I like and some money!!)

    I have applied for at least 350 jobs, had at least 24 interviews (I'm starting to lose count now!) and know that on average 300 people apply for each job. I am completely fed up of the rejectio now.

    I recently applied for a part time permanent job in a school I know very well, where I get on with all the staff and done loads of supply and have proved myself. I know that two heads have also praised me to the head of this school and recommeded me for work. I had a rejection letter this morning. If I can't get shortlisted there, I won't get shortlisted anywhere.

    I am now looking at jobs outside teaching as I can never see me gaining a permanent post and supply is getting more and more scarce. I just don't know what to look for. My degree was in dance and drama (I'm not that good though!!) so its a pretty rubbish degree. What can I do!!!!!

    Sorry this is so long, just needed a bit of a rant really!!

  15. supply287

    supply287 New commenter

    After more than 10 years on supply I feel that the coming years will be harder than anytime since I qualified in 1990.I'm feeling grumpy too, and want you to know that I read and share your rant .
    I and everyone else should remember the tiger and monk story , or a variation , and try to eat the strawberries every day.
  16. supply287

    supply287 New commenter

    Not used to being timed out .
    Not just everyday but every Eton Rifles/capitalist/consumerist/global warming/peak oil/population rising/ nasty *** day.
    Breathe in ...

    Mini rant over.

    ...and relax .
  17. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    wow...350 jobs?!?! I thought I have applied for a lot!! Well at least you know you arent the only one...even though we know it...but its nice to read others are going through the same thing. Best of luck to you and at this point take whatever you can get! You never know who you may meet who will bring you to other journeys down the road! Supply is not worth destroying our souls!! lol ;)

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