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HMCI says 25% of us are useless

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by tom clancy, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I saw Sir Michael Wilshaw on TV this morning saying pretty much that heads of Satisfactory schools are not doing a good enough job (if they were then the schools would be better than satisfactory) and didn't draw back from his assertion at the weekend that 5,000 heads of these schools should be sacked.
    Outstanding example of the Big Stick approach to motivating a workforce, especially when added to his other encouraging ideas for Ofsted.
  2. Today I have struggled with the SLASC web return which is useless and bug ridden and has absorbed my whole week despite the fact that we have less than 40 students on roll.
    I have attended several ARs at which county asked for information they know that we dont provide because it is meaningless for our students.
    I feel that I have been rendered useless by osmosis this week every time I have had deal with county or with central govt. so they'll excuse me when I take umbridge at headteachers being called useless by yet another branch of govt populated by spineless lackwits who are more interested in promoting themselves than good education.
    What percentage of Ofsted inspectors are useless?

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