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HLTA status. Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by SimplePimples, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Hi I think it depends what area you live in. Postcode lottery!! In Rochdale they are still supporting HLTA but in the next town Oldham they have no funding for it!
    Check with your council is my advice.
  2. I have my regular classes I teach and regular subjects (French, Music, R.E). which I plan for.
    Surely then you are a teacher not a HLTA, I didn't think a HLTA could be used for regular teaching?

  3. I am a HLTA and cover PPA, NQT, Senior Management time as well as absence. I have planned, taught and marked Art, D&T, RE, PSHE as well as writing the termly reports for the groups that I teach.
    I have also covered teacher absence and have taught (but not planned) Literacy, Numeracy and other curriculum subjects.
    Teachers are not supposed to plan for their PPA time so if HLTAs are used to cover this then they also have to plan for it.
  4. HLTA status means absolutely nothing. I get paid a little extra for covering PPA time, which is so little it makes pennies difference. If a teacher is absent then i'm thrown in at the deep end, expected to cover the class, at the drop of a hat, no planning, nothing. The teacher has a T.A to assist and support the class. When the teacher is absent, the T.A covers the class ALONE for no extra pay. Work that one out.
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  5. Totally agree with you!!

    some teachers dont seem to be able to cope with the class on their own, but we, as TA's are expected to to it with no support.

    I am a Level 3 NVQ TA, but only get paid at Level 2, the school wanted me to go for the HLTA status, but I refused as I see how the other HLTA is passed about from pillar to post on a a daily basis.

    I still cover for classes and do get a bit extra for this if its over half an hour.

    Was poss thinking f going down the teacher route, but as Im a single mum who needs to work, dont see how I can fund this???
  6. Following on from the original question.
    I completed and passed the FDEd last year, as of yet my role and pay have not changed one bit, infact I feel that my role has been dialuted. I work in a secondary school and know that the role of the TA is slightly different than that of a TA in primary.
    Any ideas or suggestions on how to progress in my career. At present the only info I can find is aimed at completion to a full degree and then move into teaching, I don't want to go down this route.
  7. twhiting1

    twhiting1 New commenter

    I am in a similar situation as some of you guys in that I have worked in the secondary sector for nearly six years, worked incredibly hard to pass my level 3 with Helen Arkell (who I was told was highly respected) but seem to have nowhere to go as far as career progression goes.
    I have agreed to pay for the process of HLTA training, however I have been told that there would be no job for me at that status. I find this very difficult to understand as I have taken on the duties of a lady who recently left who was a qualified HLTA and paid as such!! She only worked three days per week, but as I am doing her job surely I should be paid her wages, instead the school gets a very highly qualified TA but saves an entire HLTA wage!
    I feel used...i
  8. I am a HLTA , I only get paid when I' cover' classes but as there are 2 other HLTAs in school I don't getas much cover work.You mentioned that 4 days training does not make you a teacher, it doesn't but it also depends how much experience you have had in the classroom. I have worked for 12 years in school with various age groups, as a sen support and a ta. However I don't agree with the minimum 2 year to complete the HLTA status, I don't think there is enough experience there to achieve the status. The other issue is that other Ta's resent the fact that your covering in 'their' class and the fact that you get paid more. My answer to that is do the HLTA course. I did a condensed version and it was extemely intense but I achieved it. The whole pay scale needs to be changed as different areas have different pay scales. Gone are the days when NTA's as they were called wash paint pots! If anyone asks you what you do for a living and you say HLTA, the response is usually, what's that? Then oh you get loads of holidays! I have just found out that support assistants are on the same rate as a TA, this is something else I don't agree with as a TA has a lot more responsibility and is alot busier than a SA. All that said I love my job but rich I will never be! I have lots of qualifications including LSA level 2, NVQ 3 and now HLTA, but as our wages have been frozen and the school does not have the budget to pay us overtime i wonder if it is worth it.
  9. Sorry no it's not and it costs quite a lot of money. I think the assessment which is compulsory costs about £175.00 and then you have to pay for the 3 days that you have to do and the person who comes out to school to assessyou which also costs about £500.00. Sometimes your school will pay this but if they won't it's up to you. I work in a high school and have a degree but I did it to get a HLTA job. I had the status for 2 years before I got a job on the HLTA pay scale. Just because you have the status you don't always get the pay. So it's up to you. Every HLTA job is different in different schools but I know in primary schools they usually only pay you for covering PPA time and only for the hours that you actually do.
  10. Hi I know how you feel. I am lucky that I haver now got a HLTA job but I had the status for 2 years before I got a HLTA job. I am now on the top of the pay scale and can go no further. I manage a team of 23 TAs, sort out all their timetables, do their probation interviews and apraisals. I also sort out all the exam concessions for SEN pupils and teach 12 hours a week. The work that I do is because 2 teachers and a SENCO left !!
  11. I have had HLTA status for the last 5 years and am still paid at the same rate as other TAs which I think is unfair. It took a lot of time and effort to complete the HLTA couirse and to put my portfolio together yet this is not recognised as a qualification worthy of a higher paid rate. I teach a class for an hour every week which I plan for and mark any work that is done without being given any extra time in school to do this. I do get paid at a higher rate when I do this or if I cover for the class teacher at any time. It was worth doing the HLTA course for the topics that were covered but otherwise I dont think its worth it. I would still be doing the same things in school for the same pay without this status. The OU STAC course was much better but that also isnt recognised as a qualification for higher pay.
  12. Unfortunately, if you are doing the same work as other Teaching Assistants you will be paid at their rate. It is not the status or qualifications which you hold that determines your pay, but the actual work you carry out.
  13. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    The OU STAC course was much better but that also isnt recognised as a qualification for higher pay.

    It is in some counties I think. I'm sure I was put up points for this but so long ago I may be wrong.I did it years before HLTA which is a status not a qualification.Gaining qualifications and HLTA status doesn't necessarily mean you are paid at that level.If your school put you forward for HLTA and then didn't pay it then I do think it is a bit mean. As you are whole class teaching for only an hour then they are unlikely to give you planning time.I get 1 hour for 1 1/2 days whole class teaching.I agree it is the work you carry out.Some of the TAs at my workplace think they did the same until it was looked at in detail and then they had to admit they didn't know what the HLTAs did.A few were surprised.
  14. I swapped to being a HLTA from TA in 2007 along with another TA. We were shunned by the remaining TA's - despite our decision saving TA posts - because we were no longer 'one of them'. I am used as and when cover is needed. My colleague is a full time HLTA and I regularly cover afternoons and one morning per week. The rest of the time I am paid at TA rate and out of these hours any cover I undertake is as a cover supervisor - paid at TA rate. This has been the worst decision I have ever made. I thought I would be advancing my learning and improving my work prospects, instead I am used to drop in wherever needed at short notice - sometimes less than 5 minutes until you are supposed to be in a class teaching!! Any courses the TA's attend I am not allowed to because I am usually covering a class. I have asked for courses and have been on one (totally inappropriate) course in four years. I find that decisions are made based on finance. When they want something done cheap I am a TA and then when they want anything else I am a HLTA. My hours are paid from 9 am until 3.30 pm, but I regularly stay until 4.30 and sometimes 5.30 marking books, looking at plans, discussing issues with teachers - I have worked it out that I work around 20 hours + for free per month. Think very carefully before you take this on. My story might be the exception and you may work for a great school, but my experience should be a tale to be heeded that not all schools have your best interest at heart. I am looking to get out of this job asap.
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  15. This is one of the most challenging aspects of HLTA. You arrive in a class that you don't know, with the class TA sitting there expectantly and some very complex Literacy or Numeracy planning or as happened to me recently Year2 SRE is thrust in your hand and 5-4-3-2-1 and off you go....
    Supply teachers who are fully trained teachers are qualified to fly in and take on this challenge. I am an experienced TA who has HLTA status and I have lots of experience but these sorts of lessons can be really stressful and challenging.Most teachers would hate to arrive in school expecting to teach their class, only to be parachuted into another class. In my opinion it is a bad use of HLTA and doesn't do the children any favours.
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  16. Thanks for all the responses. I've emailed my forms today and have the assessor interview next week. My school have said I can claim extra pay for covering classes but that's all. My main reason for doing it is to gain the status for myself, once I have it, it's mine forever and might be useful if I need to look for a job in the future.
  17. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Good luck.I hope the assessment goes well.They do allow for nerves so if you don't know the answer ask to come back to the question at the end.
  18. Thank you snugglepot.
  19. I want to do Teaching Assistant level 3,I was working in school but left it due to my twins.Now they will go to school.I want to go back to my job.Any one suggest me to do it from college or distance learning.At the same time could I do it from any Board.?

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