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HLTA- PPA cover

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by scbird, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Are there any other HLTA's out there employed solely to do PPA cover?? If so, how does it work with planning/marking/liasing with Teachers time? Thanks
  2. Are there any other HLTA's out there employed solely to do PPA cover?? If so, how does it work with planning/marking/liasing with Teachers time? Thanks
  3. I cover 3 different teachers for their PPA a week, as well as being a TA other times, I do not have time to plan etc, so am fortunate enough to have it done for me..
    Saying that, I always check their planning with them and mark, assess etc any work that I have taught.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I hope other people can find time to reply too to give a broader picture. I also cover 3 teachers' PPA time, but that is all. I do all the planning at home time, plus marking etc. I am contracted to work 3 hours for 3 days but end up doing 18 - 20!
    Just wondered how it works for other people. Thanks!
  5. Welcome to the life of a teacher! However, as HLTAs aren't paid the same rate, you are being ripped off! Do a teacher taining couse and get paid properly for the work you're doing now. I used to be a TA, am now a teacher, but my life has been taken over by the job. Being a TA is a great job, but at least you have a life. Being an HLTA is in no man's land.They have the nice title, but are basically being undervalued and underpaid, and also have no lfe. Do the teacher training course.
  6. Thankyou so much for your reply which confirmed what I know deep down. Think I'll go and get my life back!!
  7. I cover PPA 4 afternoons a week and am expected to cover an extra morning after xmas. I work in years 2 - 5 covering a variety of subjects. I do get 1 hour per week PPA but spend a lot of time planning at home. I am at the stage now of resenting what I do. I TA most mornings and love this role - which is why I became a TA. I studied for HLTA status for my own personal development but since working in my current school ( I am in my 2nd year ) I am having to teach so much that I am now looking for another job. I am not a teacher, and don't want to be a teacher, but find I am doing a teachers job for not a lot of money. I think if you are having to plan all your own lessons you should be entitled to some planning time - or get the teachers you cover for to plan for you!!!
  8. school2009 I wonder what subjects you are having to teach in those 4 afternoons and what proportion of subject teaching time in particular lessons those children are losing. 20%, 50% or more? HTs have to consider this point when deciding how to use PPA time and so many HTs are not considering the interests of their pupils when making these decisions.
    Regulations state that groups and classes must be assigned a qualified teacher to teach them for all core and foundation subjects.

  9. I teach science to y2 & y4. I have stressed my concerns about being the only person who teaches them science but to no avail. The other afternoons is art or dt. This is why I am currently applying for a new job which does not involve PPA.
  10. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    I teach three sessions a week two are for SMT time and the third is PPA.I teach Literacy covering spelling, sentences and handwriting also SEAL/PHSE for one session. Art/DT and RE (PPA) for another and the other is varied-Maths, Science,Art/DT with a lesson of PHSE/SEAL every week.I also step in to cover as I work in one SMT teacher's class so when she is covering unexpectedly so am I.I have worked at the school for a long time so I feel confident in what I am doing.I get an hour a week planning time.Marking is taken home or done at lunchtime.
  11. Hello,
    I teach French to Year 4 in 2 classes once a week so that the PPA teacher can have some PPA! The lessons are planned for me and if I have any questions I can always ask the PPA teachers. I have input as my French is better than theirs!
    This is my second year of teaching French, last year I also covered Year 4 but as a TA working in that year group as well I found it really difficult. The children in one class found it difficult seeing me in the teacher role rather than the TA as normal. I didn't find it difficult teaching the lesson but dealing with a disruptive element in that class left me in tears afterwards on more than one occasion. My HT was supportive and I did ask for help but my point is that we are often asked to cover classes, usually without a TA as support, and we are not trained in whole class teaching. I think that if we are asked to cover whole classes, then we need extra training as a class of 32 is somewhat harder to deal with than a group of 8!
    What do you think?
  12. Hi There,
    I'm employed at 30 hrs, I teach ICT mainly from year 1 to year 6s. I do 5 lots of PPA and then ICT Tech for 2 mornings but on call for staff absence but I do get a morning for my PPA, but to be honest I still have to plan at home most nights as I find the ICT tech side takes up alot. [​IMG]

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  13. I am employed to cover lessons for teachers 4 days a week. I teach 5 hours a day but get paid for 6 so I get, in effect 1 hour PPA a day. I teach maths and science from F2 to Y2. It annoys me that I am in effect an underpaid teacher but I love the subjects that I teach and I know more about my subjects than anyone else in our school (I am a maths graduate). I have considered PGCE but don't want to give up my job and my head won't allow me to do GTP (she knows she would have to pay me properly if I was a "proper teacher" (her words not mine). I fought tooth and nail to get that hour a day PPA but I had found that I was having to do everything at home in my own time. Eventually I had to put my foot down. It wasn't easy and I know she has branded me a troublemaker for sticking up for myself but no one else would. My union were next to useless. My advice is to refuse to do cover unless you have PPA time timetabled every week and then defend that time like mad.
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  14. I am an HLTA and was under the impression that the HLTA covered teachers for their PPA by following the teachers' own planning.
    I cover KS1, Foundation and KS2. In KS1 and Foundation the planning is all there and I follow it. KS2 is a little different. The children do 'round robin' activities where the TAs plan. (The TAs prefer to plan the activities as they know and can choose what they want to do. This was after discussions with the teachers and head teacher.) The whole of KS2 is mixed together on one morning and then split into 4 groups. Two level 3 TAs in a class with each of 3 groups, me an HLTA with a group.
    There is very basic planning needed and none of us feel we are being taken advantage of.
    I have heard loads of horror stories like HLTAs only being paid HLTA rate when they are covering PPA. I think if you are an HLTA then you should be paid that rate all the time which fortunately I am.
    Then there are newly qualified teachers being used as HLTA's when they can't find jobs. They are also being exploited!!!
    This list is endless....especially when you listen to others when you attend courses etc. I doubt anything will be done about it. Personally, I would prefer teachers to teach and TAs whatever level, to support.
    I have made the job mine so to speak in our school without teaching all the time. The teacher I mainly support gets excellent support from me. I show my initiative we discuss my ideas, I have taken a few jobs off her so she can concentrate on teaching and me on the supporting. We are a great team and she is a pleasure to work with.
  15. Interesting to hear so many horror stories. I wonder if the happy HLTAs just aren't joining in the debate?
    I've TA'd for about 20 years, last 4 as HLTA. I was SENCo for about 5 years until rules changed and now assist. I cover PPA for 2 afternoons and any other teacher absence. The rest of the time I team teach, lead interventions or TA, just whatever is needed. Subjects are always discussed and agreed. I do my own planning but have access to teacher advice input as necessary. I love all I do. It makes no difference to children if I am in teacher or assistant role.
    Interestingly I think TA/HLTA training is excellent and what we have that teachers don't is the experience of hours and hours of observing teachers teach. You emulate the good, avoid the bad and store away all the ideas and strategies for future use
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  16. I cover all PPA from Reception to year 6 and the rest of the time I give teachers their leadership time or cover classes. I work 32 hours and plan my own lessons (I get PPA time for me). I prefer to plan my own stuff as it is easier to deliver but I do feel like a very underpaid teacher sometimes!
  17. With all due respect, you are...
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  18. I have been on a split contract for HLTA and TA (being paid HLTA for the hours I cover) for 4 years, and recently got QTS. I was offered a term teaching to cover maternity (in the same school) which I have just completed and since gone back to my TA and HLTA spilt contract (until I can find a teaching post, which as you all probably know isn't that easy at the moment).

    So, back on my HLTA/TA contract I have been asked to do after school 1:1. When this was first 'suggested' to me I questioned that I thought '1:1 tuition' could only be done by a qualified teacher, so therefore for this period I wanted paying a teachers wage (as I have QTS). I was told that this has changed and HLTA's can now take 1:1. After discussion with unions I have been told that if I am planning it, teaching it and then assessing it, I am a teacher and need paying accordingly.

    In our school none of the HLTA's do their own planning and assessment, we follow the class teachers (although sometimes very poor, I once got a teachers 'planning' as I walked in the room and it said 'literacy' on a post-it note, but that's for another forum). When I questioned 1:1 with the HT for the second time, I was told that HLTA's should all be planning and assessing their own lessons anyway and it shouldn't even be an issue. Everything I have researched (including my contract) says that HLTA's can plan and assess, but under the supervision of a qualified teacher. (None of the other HLTA's have been asked to do 1:1).

    So I plan and assess, to the same level I did on a teaching contract, and going back to my HLTA role I am now being asked to plan, teach and assess!

    Through 'discussions' with my HT, following this line of thinking, it would appear then that Teachers and HLTA's do exactly the same job. So are HLTA's and Teachers exactly the same?

    I would like to point out that I am in no way a 'money grabber'.Anybody who works or wants to work in a school does not do it for the money. The pay can be good, but we all do it because we love it. When on my university course, all the people that started that said they were 'doing it for the money and the holidays' didn't even finish the 1st module. My argument is that if Im teaching, I should be paid as a teacher, If I'm covering with somebody elses 'planning' I'm being paid as a HLTA, and when I'm on my level 2 TA I'm supporting in the classroom and paid accordingly. Am I wrong?.

    At the last discussion with my HT, I told her that she would get what she pays for and I will not be taking 1:1 sessions. I was told 'I have the wrong attitude'.

    Does anyone else plan and assess as a HLTA? Am I right to question this? Is it me ?
  19. Yes I do - teachers are not supposed to plan and assess for the time they are allocated to do their PPA! Although my first HLTA role did not involve any PPA cover it was, nevertheless, part of the assessment process that I prove I could do planning and assessment and the assessment of this ability is the reason that PPA should only be covered by qualified teacher or an HLTA - not by a TA (although many seem to do this!)
    I must say I am amazed that anyone has gone through the HLTA assessment process and expects things to be any different, to be honest.
  20. I don't expect anything to be different, and I predicted that I would be 'used'. But surely its not fair. I know in the PPA documents it states that teachers do not have to plan for their PPA, but it does state in the HLTA documents that they can plan and assess with the 'guidance of a teacher', more of an informal way of planning.
    Going through the training process for HLTA and then QTS, I mean this with no disrespect (I love the job and have the greatest respect for everybody that does it), but the quality of the planning and assessment that I had assessed for the HLTA course was no way near the level expected for a teacher! If they want a scribbled up piece of planning with a few objectives and notes on, I'm fine with that, but if they expect teachers planning, which they do, and I am a qualified teacher, I think and maybe I'm wrong, I should be paid for it, out of principle.

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