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HLTA post going in school revamp

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by rosyjan, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. rosyjan

    rosyjan New commenter

    There were three HLTAs at my old school about same size as you describe. They covered PPA AHT time SENco time nothing else. This was for most p.ms. TAs for rest of their employment. My present school has no HLTAs,smaller school all PPA and absences covered by supply teachers . They have two TAs who are HLTAs but they are not employed as such.

    What do your HLTAs do? If covering PPA can just one now cover?

    Will this mean job cuts for some?
  2. ... information that a school our size should only have one HLTA.
  3. Our school of 500 has 3 HLTAs but only employed/paid as TAs. We are told schools do not have to employ HLTAs, it is at discretion of Head.
    Having jumped through hoops to prove ourselves as HLTAs, only any use if want to apply to other schools with HLTA posts
    Working in an area that has not yet even applied Single Status, it's lump it or leave!!
  4. I work in a school of 420 pupils and there is only one HLTA (myself). We have 2 LSAs assisgned to each class in KS1 and 1 LSA between 2 classes in KS2. I cover PPA, teacher sickness, teachers on courses, half term planning days and ELSA. If I have any other time left over then I support all classes on a rotational basis. I am paid at a high level 3 the same as the other LSAs but if I take a class then am paid an extra hour for each morning or afternoon. So there is a potential for an extra 2 hours pay if I take the class all day. The additional hours pay is to cover planning and any marking. I do make sure that I am not asked to teach anything that I am not comfortable with and that the marking can be done within the time scale. Give or take a few minutes. I do however make resources for my ELSA sessions at home as there is never enough time for that to be done at school. But I am working on that one!
  5. hi i work in a pre-school we have around 80 pupils split over the morning and afternoon sessions and we have 2HLTA in as well as 2 teachers and normally around 3ATA in and 2 gta one person will be off doing ppa time also but thats the usual amount we have in on a session
  6. could you tell me if any of you are HLTA's in secondary education. I'm interested to see what HLTA's in secondary are doing, as I get the feeling I'm doing A LOT.
  7. I work in a secondary school as a HLTA. In our school there are only 2 HLTAs. HLTAs are expected to teach, support & cover where and when needed. We also write reports for those we teach and do parents evenings etc. Along with this we are expected to do various other tasks. A LOT is expected.
  8. Have you looked into how you are being paid? I am a HLTA and have been for 3 years. Before the position was created (when it was being discussed) I was told by the union that the position had to be paid for the hours you are contracted. If you are capable to work as a HLTA for 10 hours (and more hours at a lower level) you should be paid for the full amount of hours you work at HLTA rate. You should not be paid at two different levels!
    Your role sounds very similar to mine. I am the only HLTA in our school (approx 500) and can be anywhere from Nursery up to year 6.
    Hope you sort out your pay - You deserve it!
  9. Hi I am a HLTA in a Primary School with 420 on role. The school employs 2 HLTA's one full time 31 hours and one part time 21 hours. I get 2 1/2 hours PPA time a week and cover whole classes everyday with no in class support (with the exception of FS2 when I have a TA) I teach and mark (where appropriate) Spanish, PE, SEAL, Music, French, Numeracy, Phonics, Literacy. I complete 3 yard duties, attend all staff meetings, all INSET days and assist the other HLTA to plan, organise and run whole school "TREAT" events at the end of every term. I find the role HLTA very demanding but I love the role. The teachers respect the huge amount of work involved and help in anyway they can, the management team also understand that the role is very demanding and are very supportive. The school I work for needed to save money on supply teachers and I (along with the other HLTA ) save the school alot of money therefore I am respected and supported because if I am not there they have to pay for supply.
  10. Please, please please learn to say NO!! If not for your own sake then for the sake of all other TA's out there. We are NOT teachers and as long as we allow school management to keep adding to our workload then we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated. How you manage all the different roles is beyond me - it is an unfair situation on both you and the pupils.
  11. I have to agree with the majority of what you have said - the trouble is this role has been created by heads and smt's and it is more cost effective than having supply staff or part time teachers. However, many HLTA's are trained in specific curriculum areas and have more subject knowledge than the class 'teacher' would have - therefore sharing that knowledge can only be of benefit....I myself have recently graduated with a first class honours in theology and religious studies/education studies, teachers often ask me for advice etc and I plan RE in KS2 -
    I am an HLTA and do not teach for my 'self-gratification', it is a role that evolved and developed, led by government strategies and changes. I do feel respected and I thoroughly enjoy my role - so much so that I begin my PGCE in four weeks, I am being fully supported by the school and am able to continue working there in between placements. The role of the HLTA is not one to be generalised - the role, the pay and conditions and the job specifications are specific to different types of schools/areas.

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