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HLTA - Portfolio of Evidence

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by dreamcatcher842, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. kgill17

    kgill17 New commenter

    Hello everyone! I am feeling a little desperate at the moment. I am trying to finish my portfolio of evidence for the HLTA course and need to send off my written work at the end of the month.

    I wonder if anyone could give me any pointers on what they included as evidence.
    Standard 3 - Demonstrate positive values
    Standard 8 - Key factors that affect learning
    Standard 16 - Other frameworks impact on my practice
    Standard 23 - Monitor learners to provide feedback

    I have mentioned them all in my written pieces but it's things like modelling good behaviour, knowing about the differing needs of the class, observing and questioning! Not sure what I can include as a hard copy to evidence these things! Really stuck on the other frameworks bit!

    As you can see I am really stuck! any help or advice would be very gratefully received.
  2. dreamcatcher842

    dreamcatcher842 New commenter

    Standard 3 - could you reference the behaviour policy in your school? Does it mention positive behaviour rewards such as merits/house points e.t.c?

    Standard 8 - do you differentiate learning based on audiotory/visual/kinesthetic?
    Free School Meal children?

    Standard 16 - statutory and non statutory frameworks... how does this impact upon the interventions you deliver or leading the learning?

    Standard 23 - do you keep records of your interventions? Do you provide feedback for parents evenings?

    Hope this gives you an idea ☺
  3. kgill17

    kgill17 New commenter

    Dreamcatcher that's great! Thank you!! That definitely helps for 3 and 8! I think I can reference safeguarding for 16.
    I can probably use my intervention records for 23 too! I've been looking at it for so long now, I've lost a bit of focus!!
    Thank you so much for your help
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  4. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    Hi kgill17, hope it's all going well! Good advice from dreamcatcher - the only one I might do differently is Standard 23. I work with two new HLTA cohorts every year and find that the assessors are very hot on the difference between the monitoring and the assessment standards. They may well say that records of interventions are more about assessment and recording than monitoring. You could find a place to add something like: 'As the group were completing their independent task, I noticed that child A was still struggling with the place value for long multiplication. I spent a few minutes with her, then said we would find a time to go over it together. After discussion with the class teacher, I was able to keep child A with me during assembly the following day. We spent 20 minutes going over the work together and she is now secure and much happier'. As evidence, you could include an example of her work in the group (when the answers were wrong) and one of her work with you, when she'd got it.
    Best of luck (you'll get there) and post again if you have any more problems.
  5. kgill17

    kgill17 New commenter

    I have really struggled with 23/24! for 23 I have included 2 pieces work which I have marked with the children present. One where I had to scribe for the child, then shared his lovely drawing for the plenary - so support and feedback. Then another where I have marked it with him and he has corrected spellings etc. again support and feedback (I hope!)
    For 24 I have included some marked work from year 6 - with success criteria. And an end of topic fact table that the children fill in independently. Hopefully evaluation of progress! its all a bit subjective!!
    I think I'm just about finished, just annotating the evidence. Can't wait for it to be over!

    Thanks for the support Dreamcatcher842 and sunshineneeded. I really do appreciate it. I was feeling quite desperate and demoralised, but your feedback has put me back on track. Hopefully it will all be fine.
  6. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    You're very welcome and do post again if you're concerned about anything else. Don't worry too much - you will get there!
  7. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    welcome to the british education system.

    This is what it is. ( with a few interactios with children around the periphery, but of course such interactions must never be allowed to interfere with the core raison D'etre of schools, which is kep churning out the paperwork.
  8. UnazaImran

    UnazaImran New commenter


    Please may I kindly ask about the standard for tasks.For example, all the standards I have covered I have highlighted very well perhaps more than twice.The evidence for task 1-3 i dont get.Each standard should have two pieces of evidence no matter if one is from task 1 the other task 3?
  9. UnazaImran

    UnazaImran New commenter

    Task 4-3 is this where we focus on standards which maybe weak in document evidence i.e equal opportunity.Correct me we must have tasks1-8 done?
  10. kgill17

    kgill17 New commenter

    Hi Dreamcatcher842 and sunshineneeded, it's been a month since my assessor's visit so I have not yet heard if I have passed! He was so lovely - no need to stress at all. He was very complimentary about my tasks and evidence folder so I am hopeful that everything will be fine and I will have passed! Thank you both again for your help - it was just what I needed when I was most stressed!
  11. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    kgill - I'm sure you will have good news very soon (although it can take between a month and three months for you to hear, depending on the timing of external moderation. Even the assessors are accountable to someone else!) Glad it all went well and let us know when you find out.
  12. dreamcatcher842

    dreamcatcher842 New commenter

    Hey kgill.

    I agree with you about the assessors visit. It was far more relaxed than I imagined too!

    Fingers crossed you get the result you deserve!
  13. dreamcatcher842

    dreamcatcher842 New commenter

    Hey, I'm only now seeing this. Sorry!

    All tasks have to be completed and all the standards must be evidenced.
    I found some of the standards 1-8 quite difficult to evidence myself so I asked my mentor/head teacher if they could observe a lesson and provide feedback which addressed some of these standards.
  14. dreamcatcher842

    dreamcatcher842 New commenter

    Correct, each standards should have two pieces of evidence to support it.
    I collected evidence as I went a long and used the evidence that i though hit the most standards in my evidence.

    For example, I used one of my lesson plans for task 3 - leading learning with whole class- which hit around 8 standards. I annotated the evidence to point out to the assessor which part was relevant to which standard.

    Hopefully this info helps in some way
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  15. madalinapetrof

    madalinapetrof New commenter

    Hi, does anybody have any idea about questions asked by the assessor, please?
  16. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    The assessor will ask you about any standards you might not have covered in enough detail and depth - so have a think about any you think might come into that category. For instance, if for standard 24 you have just mentioned that you give your maths group a weekly times tables test to see how they are doing, they might ask you about other assessment techniques you use (questioning, marking independent work, etc). My assessment was 10 years ago, but I remember being asked how I differentiate the learning when I'm planning; how I would deal with a child who made a racist remark and how I know that learning has progressed when I am teaching.

    Don't get too stressed - it won't be as scary as you think! It's the last step in the process, so best of luck!
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  17. madalinapetrof

    madalinapetrof New commenter

    Thank you so much Sunshine. I am quite stressed.
  18. Krob33

    Krob33 New commenter

    I’m new here and feeling very desperate for help. I’m becoming very overwhelmed with my tasks and written work and fitting them in around the standards and building on my portfolio.
    I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right.. and becoming really stressed along with looking after my 3 young children.?
    is anyone willing to share their portfolio via email with me That i could use to guide me please. Any help would be much appreciated Thankyou
  19. Krob33

    Krob33 New commenter

    Hi, I’m new here.

    Feeling swamped in paperwork and feel I’m over thinking on my tasks.
    I am hoping someone can guide me into the right direction with my written tasks please. A lot of my written work seems like drivel and not sure if I’m doing right.
    Is anyone willing to share their portfolio with me via email that I could use to guide me please. Anything would be much appreciated. Many thanks Kay x
  20. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    Hi Krob33, sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed at the moment - but don't panic, you will get there. As you will probably know from other threads, my HLTA prep was 10 years ago now and I don't have my tasks electronically, just a hard copy. I'd be writing them up in a different way now, anyway - so much has changed.
    I do work with new HLTA cohorts in our LA very regularly - and they ALL feel the same as you! Have you started a contact group with your cohort, so that you can share your tasks and help each other? That can be very supportive.
    Don't feel that you are waffling - it's generally better to write too much rather than too little. The assessor will find the information they need. It's best to just get a task written first and worry about the adding the standards afterwards.
    Post again if you have specific questions about any standard and people here will do their best to help.
    If you want to PM me and copy in one of your tasks, I'll happily look through it.

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