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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by hkiddy, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. hkiddy

    hkiddy New commenter

    Just want to find out more about HLTA pay.

    In my school HLTAs have to make a claim to get the HLTA rate of pay for a period of time that they teach a class. Does this happen anywhere else?

    I would like to hear from you if your an HLTA and are paid HLTA all of the time. How much do you cover whole classes?

    Thank you
  2. dreamcatcher842

    dreamcatcher842 New commenter


    This is my situation too. I have to claim HLTA hours when I lead learning.

    The worst part is, I'm usually only .75p per hour better off
  3. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    This makes my blood boil!!!!! It used to happen in some schools in our area several years ago (when the status was new) but all the HLTAs I come into contact with across our LEA are paid at HLTA rate for all of their hours, whether they are supporting in class, delivering interventions or whole class teaching.
    By only wanting to pay you HLTA rate when you are covering classes, schools are effectively saying that you only use your HLTA skills and experience then. That's rubbish - of course you're using these skills when you support in class, or when you lead target groups and interventions! Sadly, I know there's very little you can do about it - I hope things change for you in the future.
  4. Supplylady

    Supplylady New commenter

    I am paid HLTA rate all of the time.
    In the mornings I carry out interventions.
    In the afternoons I cover lessons.
    If anyone is off I cover the class.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    Yes, I was only paid HLTA rate when in charge of the class or when sent to cover another class if the teacher was absent. I stepped down from the role as the extra pay for the extra work was not worth it.
  6. Catgirl1964

    Catgirl1964 Senior commenter

    We have a mixture of 3 HLTAs paid higher rate all the time and one only when running a group. It seems most unfair on the latter
    Supplylady likes this.
  7. Supplylady

    Supplylady New commenter

    Yes, it is unfair. After all you wouldn't say to a teacher, "Half of the group are out today so we won't pay you the full amount." Or to any other profession, "You have a different role this afternoon so we won't pay you as much."
    Dyathinkhesaurus likes this.
  8. Catgirl1964

    Catgirl1964 Senior commenter

    Penny pinching in action resulting in denigrating the skills of staff

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