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HLTA Documents query

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Jim130790, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Jim130790

    Jim130790 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question about the documentary evidence for a couple of standards for the HLTA position and I'm wondering if anyone could offer some help. I have completed all my tasks and have acquired nearly all the evidence apart from a document for 29,30 and 31 which are all about advancing the learning of an individual, a small group and a whole class. Does the document/evidence just have to merely show that I worked with the child/children or does it have to definitely show that they advanced in some way.

    If it does have to show some 'advancement' of the learner/learners, does anyone have any ideas as to what this document/evidence could be?

    Thanks. Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    Hi Jim130790, well done for getting this far with your HLTA prep! You've done most of the leg work now. A lesson plan should show how learning has advanced - your planning would show the learning objective and hopefully mention how it was building on prior learning. Your monitoring and assessment would explain how your skilled questioning checked understanding and proved that learning had moved forwards. Alternatively, you could also use one or two pieces of independent work (photocopied so that they both fit on one page), preferably with feedback marking - next steps, etc - showing how children have met the learning objective. Good luck!
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  3. Jim130790

    Jim130790 New commenter

    Thank you for the advice, it has been a big help with the 'advanced learning' standards.

    Could I ask your advice with something else if you don't mind?

    Throughout one of my tasks, I believe I have met standard 2 on several occasions through my words and actions. I can't think of how to evidence this except with a self-evaluation document. What are you thoughts on this?

    Thanks so much. It is very appreciated!
  4. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    Standard 2 is always a tough one to evidence. Let's just say that one of the times you've met it was when you noticed a child wasn't focussed in a lesson, wasn't concentrating and seemed a million miles away. You decided to have a quick chat with him at break. Because of your excellent relationship with the child, he was willing to talk to you and explained that he's very tired because the new baby keeps waking him up at night. It could be anything that you have noticed or that a child has come to talk to you about … obviously, nothing that could be a safeguarding issue. I know that, in real life, you'd just mention it to the class teacher - but (for the purpose of evidence) could you record and date it - then you'd have evidence.
    I know that this seems a bit 'set up', but needs must!
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  5. dreamcatcher842

    dreamcatcher842 New commenter

    When I wrote my evidence for Standard 2, I noted that during the verbal interview between the HT and my mentor, they would state how I have attained this target. I submitted a piece of evidence (an ELSA planning sheet) and then the verbal interview just back up this evidence.

    Good luck! You're nearly there!

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