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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by PTJCA, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I need some inspiration with CPD...
    I have the HLTA Status and a foundation degree [both 5 year old]
    I am wanting to do something now thats meaty, something to get my teeth into.
    I have done lots of bitty courses through work but want another angle to my job/cv

    Feel like I have waffled a bit ~ sorry for that x
  2. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Nurture Group[​IMG]
  3. Thanks for your reply ~ I have done the training for this as well as Th.Ink room training.

    There are no 'special' areas for these to run properly which drives me mad.

    We do have ad hoc places when children need to speak to us.
    I acted SENCo for 4 years and have knowledge in that area too.

    I have been in touch with local Uni and OU with regards to 'topping up' foundation degree but not sure if thats the path I need to go down.

  4. finish your Foundation degree by doing the 3rd year BA in early childhood studies ( 1 year as your foundation degree counts towards it)
    There is also the EYFS status (also 1 year) that would enable you to be a head of children centre or move into the private sector

    If you already have a foundation degree both will be easy for you but you can get as involved as you like for a dissertation on a chosen subject that will add MEAT as you call it to your teeth to chew

    Good luck
  5. Hi,
    I was going to suggest OU, although I see that you are already looking into that.
    I did the OU course ED209 child development a few years ago and it was quite meaty enough for me.
    Last year I did a course called the National PSHE programme for HLTA's which had the benefit of being free.(Although your HT will have to agree as it involves 4or 5 days out of school for training days). Not sure if it is still going this year due to budget cuts.
    I hope you find what you are looking for.

  6. Hello
    I feel much the same as you. I have been an HLTA for 4 years and have an NVQ3. I ponder regularly about a foundation degree but know that I do not want to train as a teacher and I have a massive workload already which means too much work is already done at home. I've been on numerous training courses and am PE qualified too so I have a long boring list of insets I've been on over the years from KS1 French to literacy boosters and beyond!!
    I wonder whether a shift into something like examination admin/officer in a larger school could be a possibility for me. I enjoy admin work and am assistant SENCO so I am used to dealing with mounds of forms etc and I am very organised. Would you consider something along these lines?
    Also if anyone reading this has any advice about getting into a role such as this or the role itself I would welcome your comments?
    I hope you find some answers; it is certainly not easy is it!
  7. I know what you mean about the lack of "meatiness" of LA courses.
    I've been on just about every one available and they are all "an introduction to ......."
    I did a degree with the OU, great because you can pick and choose courses which appeal to you. You can top up a foundation degree to honours, just look at their credit system. I also did an OCR certificate in teaching and assessing learners with SpLD that was a one year evening course at post grad level (it's aimed at teachers but my college said I had enough experience etc) It was quite heavy going, but well worth it.
    I've just started a speech and language course (called Elklan) this can be taken at L2 or 3.
    I'm also training to be an NVQ assessor.
    Hope these suggestions are useful.
  8. Thanks for replies...
    I will look into this ~ seems righjt up my street.
    We have three members of staff already trained :(
    I started this but it was pulled due to funds and job cuts!!
    I'm sure something will occur ~ waiting for the lightbulb moment but will def look up the OCR one ~ cheers
  9. Still looking for something.

    If anyone can offer any suggestions I would be really grateful x
  10. Moving to a secondary school as a subject specialist, might be a good move I am a subject specailist although I have not got a ta qualification, I have a lot of subject knowledge and not many in my area, with my knowledge. I am also doing a degree with the OU and going into my final course in October the Child Development course with the is very difficult the exam more so but great fun and I learnt alot.
  11. Top it up to a full degree [​IMG]
  12. Have you learnt Braille, Makaton and British Sign Language or a couse on autism, dyslexia, dyslcalucia or dyspraxia?
  13. I also had a look at this and thought it looked fab so was disappointed to see it was only available in the one are, however I looked again tonight and found that the OCR Level 5 Certificate in Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) will be available as a distance-learning course from January 2012. Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks guys...

    I have done Autism and Asperger courses. I have info from bda to show SMT so hopefully can get on the screening course in September.
    Can you please send me the link for above course xx
  15. Hi,
    I have also been a HLTA for about 5 years now. I am currently doing an apprenticeship in ICT with a team mate and we thought we would learn something that would benefit us and our school. Sadly this is not the case. I am interested in the Dyslexia course though I do have to admit i don't know what the OCR is or where to find out about the course. Please can you help?

    Many thanks.

  16. I have just found this but not had chance to have a look at it. HTH
  17. I've had a quick look as this course looks ideal. I live in rural Norfolk and courses/colleges are miles away so distance learning could be my answer. Can you post a link to the info?
    Also does anyone have experience in moving into an exams officer role or know anyone who has?
    My HLTA role is getting more diverse by the day and I need to really take a step back and try to decide where I want to go, I think and possibly not just where I am being led by the job!

  18. Goldc, I have put a link on a previous post. I just had a quick look round and am currently printing some info off.

    Hoping I can get on the couse as like you said it looks ideal.

    Also, there are links on the homepage for exam officer and such HTH xx
  19. Thanks for the reply.
    I have been having a look at the L5 course and have found the distance learning link -
    It does look ideal and I'm sure my Head would be happy for me to do it but the school has no money to pay for it and £2K+ is a great deal of money. Would you be prepared to fund it yourself?
    I'm having one of those weekends when I question my HLTA role. On Friday I covered for the Head teacher, with plans I did not received until 9pm the night before, with a class of 25 year 5/6s. Just a small hop down the corridor our reception teacher had a TA and 9 children (she only has 12 anyway!) Ummmm....good job I generally love what I do!

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