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HLTA cover and marking

Discussion in 'Primary' started by MsPoppins, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. MsPoppins

    MsPoppins New commenter

    You do. Then, ask your Head to get a supply teacher next time.

  2. peer marking as part of the lesson?
  3. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    No. I don't.
  4. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    Good idea.
  5. By next time the species of teacher known as, "supply teacher", could well be becoming extinct.
  6. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Almost certainly! Especially as so many of us are going for 'alternative roles' within education and there won't be that base of supply teachers in the wings to do the cover!
    Re the OP, definitely do peer-marking, as your HLTA is 'outstanding' and if she weren't, could always do it in your next lesson.
  7. if someone else teaches my class and doesn't mark the books for what ever reason - i always write 'cover' and circle it. That's it. The reason for the books not having been marked. I also write this is the marking is a bit dodgy - a couple of years ago i was caught out when a supply teacher incorrectly marked some work in the class maths books. I was hauled over the coals for it even though the hand writing was clearly not mide. Since then i always cover my back.
  8. sorry - i don't mean to knock the vast majority of excellent suppy teachers out there. I did supply myself for a number of years - however as in all walks of life there are always a few who let down the majority.
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I agree with this. If the cover person (be it TA, HLTA, supply teacher, internal cover) hasn't marked the work then it doesn't get marked. sorted.

    I try to leave ways that the cover person can get the children to self or peer mark in the lesson, but if not then too bad it isn't marked.
  10. I've asked the children to write 'marked by supply teacher' in their books before when I've looked in their books and found them not marked or just ticked.

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