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HLTA assignment

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by catherinecoverdale, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. catherinecoverdale

    catherinecoverdale New commenter


    I’m currently on the course for my HLTA qualification and have started writing up some of my assignments. I wondered if any people who have recently done their qualification would mind sharing any examples of their work?

    I’m just in need of some reassurance that I’m writing along the right lines as I feel I’ve put loads but it’s all drivel!

    I’ve drafted my first 3 for individual, group and whole class learning but I’m at a loss to what to cover in the remaining tasks .

    Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated!
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  2. dreamcatcher842

    dreamcatcher842 New commenter

    Have you got any standards that you haven't hit twice or feel that they're not strong enough?

    My other remaining tasks, I focused on these types of standards to try and solidify the work there. One of them was a school trip that we had taken for example that covered risk assessment for example.
  3. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    Hi Catherine
    My HLTA prep was 10 years ago, but I remember well the overwhelming feeling of panic! Don't worry, you'll get there. I now support new HLTA cohorts through their prep, so have kept up to date.
    How many days have you already done - 1 or 2? Your tutor should be pointing you in the right direction. Once you have completed your first three tasks, add the standards. You should then be able to identify any standards you haven't covered and use your short scenarios for Task 4 to address them. For example, maybe you haven't managed to write anything about liaising with parents ... think about any home/school contact books you've contributed to, or reading records you've added comments to, or phone calls you've had to make to parents. Perhaps you don't feel you've covered 'monitoring learners' responses to activities and modified your approach accordingly'. Think of a time when you've noticed that a child in a lesson wasn't understanding, and decided to plan a quick 10-minute session with them to support their understanding. These are the kinds of areas you need to cover for Task 4.
    Task 4 can also be used to 'show off' what you can do ... if there is something you have done in school which you particularly want the assessor to know about, this is where you can do it. Someone I was supporting last year had recently planned and led an assembly about Islam. She wrote that up as one of here scenarios and was able to cover several standards with it. Do you run an after school club? Lead a friendship group or Lego therapy - I've seen all of these extra-curricular areas covered in Task 4.
    Best of luck with your studies and post again if you need more help.
  4. Krob33

    Krob33 New commenter

    Hi Catherine,
    Did u manage to get examples of other people’s work/task. I feel I’m over thinking on mine all the time and not sure if I’m writing it down correctly and making sense.
    I seeked for reassurance of others work with no luck. Have u? I wondered if u wouldnt mind sharing please if u did.
    Thanks kay

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