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HLTA and standards - any advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by MAZZER, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    Sandy - you are quite right, a full degree is 'higher' than HLTA, but it is also very different. With a BA in teaching and learning and experience in the classroom, I am surprised that your school also want you to do the HLTA ... but every school is different, and yours may have a policy that all class cover is done by someone with either QTS or HLTA status. In your position, you should have no difficulty in completing the 3 day preparation and collecting the evidence needed so, if your school are willing to pay, go for it - who knows, having the status might come in useful to you in the future. Good luck!
  2. KatKam33

    KatKam33 New commenter

    You are right Sandy298 a BA degree is certainly a higher qualification. However, I think you may have missed the point slightly (not meaning to sound harsh btw) HLTA is a status, not a qualification. I work with many HLTA's who have degrees too. Without the HLTA status you would be unable to take a class on your own.
  3. sonia1569

    sonia1569 New commenter

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone has an example copy of one of their written standards they could email to me ,just so I have some idea of what is expected in them/ how long are they meant to be etc.... I have completed my F1, but unsure how to proceed with f4 onwards.. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Sonia
  4. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    My F1 - F4 tasks were so long ago now that, even if I knew where the electronic copy was, it would be on a floppy disc!!! And the standards were slightly different then (I did my HLTA in 2006). But I do work with our LEA and support new HLTA cohorts every year, so I am pretty up to date with it all. My advice would be, when you have completed F1-F3, add the standards to these tasks and see which standards you have not covered. You then need to cover those missing standards in your five scenarios for F4. They are much shorter to write up than F1-F3 - they can be as short as 500 words or so. Also, if there is anything you do or have done at your school which you know evidences your skills, knowledge and experience but you haven't managed to include in F1-F3, this is the place to do it. When I did mine, the National Literacy Strategy had recently come in and I had spent half a term completely re-organising class readers for the whole school - from ordering new books, collecting sets of 6 (for guided reading), levelling all our books to organising new storage. I was determined to include this and so wrote it up, covering standards such us knowing the curriculum and directing the work of other staff. Other people on my course included assemblies they had led, school trips researched and planned and after school clubs they ran.
    Good luck with the assessment!
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  5. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    I agree with sunshine-needed. Complete F1-3 first. I varied between 1 and 3 A4 pages on these but had annotated pages of evidence too. I used a camera a lot to capture moments of the lesson as well as children's work. The Assessor said this was really clear evidence backing up my written work so I advise you to take a camera with you. By completing the other tasks first you get into the swing of what is wanted and I started F4 after F2 was complete. I tackled the EAL question first then I did what sunshine suggested and recorded all the Standards so you can easily spot the gaps to mop up in F4. I did a playground one, EAL ( provided things for new children to use in class), SEN ,some were quite short.
    My were on my old computer so can't email any but try having a look in the library as I did see some books on HLTA but it was around 2007/8.
    It really has to be about you and your school. On Day 2 we swapped and read each others looking for STDs in case they had missed any and this helped give ideas of a variety of methods.
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  6. Sallypurell

    Sallypurell New commenter

    Can anyone advise what evidence they provided for standard one?
  7. michelleelizabeth

    michelleelizabeth New commenter


    Hi, feeling a bit over whelmed, please Would it be possible for you to email me your Portfolio, I'm panicking about how much evidence I will need and how to evidence it.Thank you.
  8. michelleelizabeth

    michelleelizabeth New commenter


    Hi, feeling a bit over whelmed, please Would it be possible for you to email me your Portfolio, I'm panicking about how much evidence I will need and how to evidence it.Thank you.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  9. Larissaward18

    Larissaward18 New commenter


    Would I be able to receive a copy too of a portfolio as I am in the same position.

    Many thanks,

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  10. kellywrench

    kellywrench New commenter

    Hi I am about to embark on the HLTA journey so any advice greatly received!
    Also how long did it generally take people to complete the portfolio?
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  11. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    I completed mine in 18 days from the start of the HLTA. I had to as I had an external assessor. It was a bit of a quick turn around to be honest. I have known other people to get 3 months. I would advise you to keep up with the work from Day1 as you can get a lot of work done in the sessions.

    Ensure your school are going to pay you the HLTA rate all the time as a lot try to only pay it for the time you are teaching. It is a mine field trying to sort it out that way and they wouldn't pay a teaching Assistant Head that way. Be prepared to be taken from your job to teach another class at the drop of the hat. You will be cheaper than supply and know the children. I did it to increase my depth of knowledge which it did in making me look at my own practice but I am used as a teacher and cover PPA every day and I can understand why teachers get annoyed about it. I don't have that problem in the workplace but I can see why teachers on Tes can get cross about it.

    Good luck with it.
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  12. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    Snugglepot, did you sleep at all in those 18 days??? OMG, that must have been a slog! I did mine in the very first London cohort and we had 5 months from prep day 1 to submitting our tasks. I think it took me all of that time to be happy with my portfolio! I work with two HLTA cohorts per year in our LA now; they have 12 weeks from day one to task submission.

    Good luck, Kelly. I know people have lots of mixed feelings about HLTA status, but it's been a good career path for me and I've never regretted it. Post again if you have any queries once you get started and we'll do our best to help.
  13. Krob33

    Krob33 New commenter

    Hi, would it be possible to send the portfolio to me too. as I’m in this position also. Thank you
  14. Krob33

    Krob33 New commenter

    Would it be possible for me to have a copy of katyrobs portfolio as I’m in this position also. Feeling I can’t see the end if the time.
  15. kellywrench

    kellywrench New commenter

    Hi would I please be able to get a copy?

    Email is: Kellywrench@hotmail.com
    Really appreciate the support on here!
    Many thanks x
  16. Krob33

    Krob33 New commenter

    Wow 18 days, hope everything went well. I’m feeling swamped and overwhelmed in paper work. Would it be possible to share your portfolio so I can use as a guide of what I’m suppose to be writing up and if I’m doing it correctly matching it up with the standards please
    Any help would be very appreciated thanks. My email is Craigy05@yahoo.com
  17. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Lead commenter

    Hi Krob, sorry you are feeling swamped - we all remember that feeling, but you will get through it! Snugglepot may have her portfolio electronically; as mine was 10 years ago, I only have a hard copy. There are examples on-line which will help you. Take it a step at a time - focus first on getting tasks 1-3 written. Don't even worry about identifying the standards until you've got these tasks written up. Include as much detail as you can. Do you have contact details for others in your assessment group? Share your tasks and support each other. If there are other HLTAs at your school, I'm sure they will be happy to help you too. Post here if you have specific queries and we'll do our best. Good luck!
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