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HLTA and standards - any advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by MAZZER, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. HI
    I wonder if you could help me please. Im driving myself round the twist here.... I started mt HLTA in April and was due to be assessed in JUly but due to a family bereavement, I deferred it; my head wasnt in the right place at all, despite me having most of my tasks completed within the 3 sessions I had.
    I've gathered most of my evidence and am trying to start to label the documents.
    On Task 1, I can claim about 20 standards and I've put the numbers in the margin: do I only put a few pieces of evidence in; I know I cant put all 20 in as Ive not got all the evidence to show.
    Ive been in work today in the holidays and going in tomorrow, up sonce 5am and becoming exasperated.
    Have you any advice to give please?
    Many thanks
    Janice xxx
  2. Hi - Could I also have a copy of your portfolio if possible for guidelines - I'm not sure if my work is strong enough. It will be a lifesaver! Thanks, I will be eternally grateful
    My e-mail is ssnatkinson@yahoo.co.uk
  3. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Are you asking me Sam? I am not prepared to give it for two reasons- one is that it weighs a lot as it is a very full file and the second and main reason is that the information is confidential.I had to ask the Headteacher if I could submit some of the information.

    Your information is about you and your job.If you are not sure if it is strong enough ask your tutor or someone in your workplace.Look back at the guidelines you were given. Is it similar? I submitted 2 pieces of work for each Std to ensure that my work was strong enough.I submitted one witness statement from the SENCO.If you have a difficulty on one Std you can write "Ask me a question."Look at some of the information on other sites to help you too.If you are still stuck you can ask me a specific question and I will try to help.
  4. Hi
    I am looking for support with my HLTA course. I can see that its a long time back since you completed your assignments. I would appreciate if you have your copy of your portfolio to forward it to help me through my work. My email is alimuthaliff@hotmail.com.
  5. I think it is unlikely that anyone will want to send their portfolio to you. They tend to have sensitive information in them and are obviously relevant to their own role and school. Has anyone else at your school completed the training? If so ask them. Their advice will probably be of far more use to you. When I completed my training I benefitted from the advice of other HLTAs at my school, but my assignments were unique to me, as I work in a different year group and have different areas of expertise. Good luck with your course.
  6. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    I think you should read my post above again.It says it contains confidential information...that hasn't changed! I also feel that I earned my HLTA status and you should too! I am wiling to help if you are stuck on a particular question but I will NOT send my portfolio to anyone. As Yogs says the HLTA Tasks are about you and your school. It is a personal journey.
  7. Hi KatyRob,

    I am due to start my HLTA course this side of the Christmas holidays, I have the support of all of my colleagues and head teacher and I'm feeling fairly confident, the one thing I am not 100% on is the evidence portfolio. I work in an alternate provision for pupils with challenging behaviour and only 1 of my colleagues has done HLTA, but I'd like to try and compare my work with others so I was wondering if you would mind sharing your portfolio with me? I would be very grateful for any help you could offer.


  8. I'm sorry to pour cold water on this topic but I really don't think people should be sharing portfolios. Quite apart from the confidentiality issues, there is a real danger of plagiarism. While I would applaud the generosity of those offering to share, I would not want all my hard work to be possibly used and abused. Call me a cynic if you want, but this has actually happened to me when I helped someone out of the goodness of my heart - it was a very hard lesson to learn.

    If you are so unsure of whether you've met the standards in your portfolio, you need to ask your tutors/college - they can check your portfolio before it is assessed and go through it with you. It is in their interests that you pass and if you need more help, just ask for it from them.
  9. KatyRob, you are very kind to offer help for an example of your portfolio. I am considering taking my HLTA status this year as my headteacher has asked if I would teach at our school. I too agree that the level of confidential information held within the portfolio would make it irrelevant to anyone but the author,
  10. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Loobylonglegs I agree I won't let anyone have mine and the whole point is it is about you and your workplace. I heard of someone who copied some work and was found out by the assessor questioning her. It was referred back to the centre and she wasn't allowed to continue! DBungey the whole point is though that it is confidential. You don't know how sensitive it is either. I had to ask permission and let the Head read one of mine first before submitting it, then just before submission I had to pull it out because of circumstances. I had to write another. Whilst I know there are no names it still is a confidential piece.

    If you obtain the HLTA book it does give you some examples and there are a couple of books available. I am happy to help with general questions.
  11. elizadave

    elizadave New commenter

  12. elizadave

    elizadave New commenter

    I have a doubt. Wonder if anyone can help ? Can we have evidence listed and numbered under 'sources of evidence for this task' on the front page of the response sheet which does not appear in the BC1 grid but is in the evidence folder?
  13. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    It is a long time since I did mine but I am pretty sure you had to put it on the grid. Unless they have changed the grid because a lot of people complained about it. For a start it didn't drop down when it was supposed to.
    I remember changing mine to putting evidence in the std numbers and it was a lot easier to see that you had covered each Std. My assessor told my Head it was one of the best and easiest he had ever had to mark. I was really chuffed about that because I agonised over it. Someone who has done it more recently might be able to advise further. Did your trainer not give you a contact ? Or one of the others on the course? I would check with the trainer. A lot of them assess in other counties. If no one comes back to you can you give an example of what you are meaning? I will check back or pm me if you can still do that on here.
  14. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Off to have a look if they have changed the grid!
  15. NickiCleveland

    NickiCleveland New commenter

    I've just been assessed, all evidence must be on your grid at the point you send it to your assessor. You can't add anything beyond this point.
  16. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    I've just been supporting a group of HLTA candidates in our LA (they submitted their tasks this week). As I understand it, every bit of documentary evidence must be on your grid. So, once you've sent your tasks and grid off, you can't add any more. I guess the moral there is - make sure you've decided on all your evidence before the submission deadline.
    Best of luck with the assessment, elizadave - and anyone else waiting for theirs!
  17. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Yes, I checked up and this is the same. You can be a little bit vague. Photograph, child's work, Policy.
    Is it because you haven't got it completed or because you don't know what evidence you need to submit. Policies are good. Annotate and the highlighter is your friend. I used different colours if I needec the same page. Then annotated in the same colour so they matched and could be recognised immediately.
    If you give us a bit more idea we could help you more.
  18. aarfahk

    aarfahk New commenter

    HI im going to do a hlta online assessment confused what to revise as its 11 modules help please !!.....akkhan92.ak@googlemail.com
  19. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    Hi aafahk
    I have posted this several times before and I know others have too - you cannot achieve HLTA status with an online assessment! The only way to obtain it is to follow the 3-day preparation for assessment course (with a registered provider), submit a portfolio of tasks which evidence that you meet all of the standards, and then have an assessor come in to the school you work at for a half day assessment.

    You will need your Head Teacher's support before you apply - they need to confirm that you are working as the required standard - and hopefully the school would fund you as there is no government funding now. You can find out about registered assessment providers in your area either from your LEA or at hlta.org.uk

    Please beware of online courses offering you the status. They will tell you the standards (you can find those at the above website) and may give you some background knowledge - but they WON'T give you the status. You mention 11 modules - I have no idea what they would be, the three day prep course is not to teach you anything, it's to help you understand how to evidence your skills, knowledge and experience to show you meet the HLTA standards.

    Please don't waste your money.
  20. Sandy298

    Sandy298 New commenter

    I need some advice I have a BA in teaching and learning which covered all the HLTA standards. I was covering classes in teachers absences but now I have been told I need to do the HLTA course to continue to do this. I was always under the opinion that a full degree is higher than the HLTA status. I can't find anything to show whether I am right or wrong. If anyone can help I would be grateful.

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