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HLTA and standards - any advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by MAZZER, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Hi Margey
    I will email you the things later today.
  2. Hi Vicky
    I am starting the 3 day HLTA in September and have had the summer holidays to wonder/ponder/worry/panic over it! I was told my evidence should be in a small A4 binder as should my tasks (unlike the huge things I put together for NVQ2 and 3!) and have already got some evidence from last terms teaching etc.
    I have been looking online for task sheets to have a practice with but to no avail so I would appreciate if you would kindly forward yours. The grid to evidence would be good to see beforehand too please and may instill some confidence!
    Thanks :) amanda.may@ntlworld.com

  3. Hi Amanda
    Just sent you an email with info. Hope its useful!!
  4. I know I am a bit late,but I am beginning the HLTA process this term I am having to apply for the bursary and am having problems giving a reason why undertaking this course will be suitable. Is it asking why I want to become an HLTA.
  5. Hi,

    I am in the process of putting my portfolio together, and I would appreciate anyone letting me have a look at how they have matched the standars and the grid for the three tasks.
    Much appreciated
    Jacmarie [​IMG]
  6. Jacmarie leave your email address and I will send you the info
  7. Hi, I have just returned from Day 2, complete with dreaded grid, tasks to improve and further tasks to draft. I just feel as though my head is buzzing and would appreciate some guidance. Please would you mind emailing me (annemarkham@hotmail.com) your copies so that I can be re-assured (or not!) as to whether I am going in the right direction.
  8. hi vicky. I am currently completing my HLTA portfolio and have don F1-6 but am struggling what to write about for F7 and F8. I have claimed all standards within the 1-6 but obviously dont know how strong they are. What situations did you write about???
    Thanks ~Joanne xx
  9. Hi Joanne sorry I haven't replied until now I am a GTP trainee now and have been working flat out. If you leave your email address I will email you the info.
    Good luck with it all

  10. Hi. I am doing HLTA course. I,m struggling to provide evidence for the grid. could you please help me. i need dvice on what evidence i can use for each standard. my email address is nusrath@hotmail.co.uk thanks
  11. Hi . I, m doing hlta as well. struggling to evidence the grid. Can any one help please. my email address is nusrath@hotmail.co.uk. Any help will be appreciated
  12. Hi KatyRob
    I hope you don't mind but could I also have a copy of your portfolio. I've been meaning to this for a long time but have just plucked up the courage and asked my line manager.
    Thank you
  13. My Email address is c.sal@yahoo.com
  14. Sorry my previous email addrss is incorrect....Email- c.sals@yahoo.com
    Thanks once again
  15. Hi nusrath and Sals123

    You have email.
    Hope it helps
    Good Luck
    Vicky xx
  16. you have mail
  17. Hi Everyone
    I am in the process of putting my portfolio together, and struggling a bit.
    I would appreciate anyone letting me have a look at how they have matched the standards and the grid for the tasks and to be sent a copy of anyone's portfolio.
    Many thanks

  18. Hi Vicky,
    Congratulations on your achievements, well done.
    I am about to start the 3 day route and am wondering if I'm up to the challenge after having read all the other comments. However, knowing that I'm not the only person feeling this is comforting. Thank you for your previous offer of help to all, wondering if you could also forward me anything at all that may help me apply myself to the tasks, paperwork & cross referencing involved. donnagilson@gmail.com
    Thank you again in anticipation
    Dee :)

  19. Hi everyone,
    Sorry new to this and not sure what to do properly.
    I am currently writing up my tasks, am struggling with evidence for task 27 if anyone has any ideas. Also if anyone has a copy of the front sheet to their evidence file I would appreciate this as not sure how to set it out.
    Thanks Tracey
    email traceyalami@hotmail.com

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