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HLTA and standards - any advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by MAZZER, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Hi

    I did my HLTA last year and got my results at xmas. The three day route was ok altho to be honest getting anyone to get a straight answer was nigh impossible!

    My portfolio was very NVQ ish and not particularly huge. I reused bits of evidence as well. I was told and indeed my head has said she will not support HLTA applications for TAs who dont teach whole classes regularly. She felt it was unacceptable to simply do a task in order to tick the relevant box and a TA currently undergoing the long route has deferred so that she can undertake more whole class teaching. I agree with this personally as you need the experience as you are in fact saying to future employers that you have the skills and experience to do this.

    Regular can mean weekly not necessarily daily. I cover PPA and NQT time each week as an example.

    I photocopied the standards sheet and each time I got evidence I highlighted the standard so it was obvious quickly where my gaps were. I used the remaining tasks to mop up gaps! I was quite thorough in my explanations deciding that id rather put too much than too little. My assessor was pleasant but it was scary and he reminded me of an ofsted inspector! I was a bag of nerves and I am amazed he got a coherent word out of me!

    I stuck a sticky label on each page of my evidence and then annotated it with a sentence or two to show why I thought it was applicable to the standard. He commented at the end that he liked that.

    good luck
  2. Message for Katyrob
    Sorry I'm going to be cheeky too and ask for a copy of your HLTA portfolio. I am starting the 3 day course next week and although I have just finished the STA it still sounds scary. Congratulations on passing yours. My emial address - sarahgoodman68@aol.com. Thanks
  3. Looking at someone elses portfolio won't be very helpful as every situation, every standard covered and every piece of evidence is different. I did my HLTA some time ago and have recently seen other TAs work whic is comletely different to mine and each others. Have a go yourself you will feel better when you have achieved it and not from others
  4. Hi KatyRob,

    Have just sent my tasks off and am awaiting assessors visit! Would love to see a copy of your portfolio, my email is purpleshaz1959@hotmail.co.uk.

    Many thanks.
  5. I can understand the desire to see another persons work but I echo the sentiments of a previous post that everyones will be different as we all work in different settings, with different children and have different responsibilities and on your three day assessment you should have had the chance to look at a sample portfolio. Also part of HLTA is to be independent and take responsibility for your own work and be confident that it represents the work of a HLTA.I have been thro the process and know it can be daunting but it was nice to know that in the end it was all my own work. Also if you have a good mentor they should be able to offer support and ideas if you need it.The HLTA forums on another site, also offer excellent advice and support and feedback.
  6. Hi guys I have just completed my tasks for HLTA and I am waiting to be assessed on Monday 2nd June very nervous as to what is going to be asked by the assesor and If my evidence covers every standard.Just hope I pass
  7. I have just completed the 3 days straight after the STA - I found a lot of information was repeated - in fact the evidence I had to produce for the HLTA was less intense than the STA. however saying that proving I do certain things with paper evidence was quite tricky - eg standard no 2 is "establish fair, respective, trusting, supportive and constructive relationships with children and young children" - something we do everyday but difficult to prove!!
    Good luck if you decide to go for it
  8. Hi

    I have just started my HLTA course and i am struggling with writing the tasks. Would it be possible to forward a copy of your portfolio to see if it makes it any clearer. My email is b.dowdy@hotmail.co.uk.

    Thank you so much for your help.
  9. KatyRob

    Please could you send me a copy of your Portfolio. I am struggling to know how to write it. raysharon1317@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks

  10. cerijayne

    cerijayne New commenter

    Hi there, I hope you don't mind, this is a first for me. I am in the middle of the onerous task of putting together my HLTA portfolio. I would be grateful if you could give me some guidance and maybe a glance at your porfolio. My email address is pedronew2@hotmail.co.uk.
    Many thanks
  11. If you have done the foundation degree and BA the HLTA will be a piece of cake for you.
    I too completed my BA and then had to back track to get my HLTA only then to find the englidh level 2 I did to get on the HLTA will not get me on to any teaching course such as PGC or GTP
    I have worked over 30 years as a Nursery Nurse and now they want me t o go do a GCSE in english to go further. Dream on TDA nutters I have jumped enough hoops for no extra pay
  12. Hi Cazzz
    I did the HLTA last year via the 3 day route. You have to provide 2 pieces of evidence for each standard and claim it with in your assignments at least once.
    I referred to my evidence within the assignments if I could on 1-3. I used my no 4's to claim the rest including the exta evidence. Remember you can use one piece of evidence to cover more than one standard. The way I seperated the standards on one piece of evidence was to highlight in different colours and put a sticker with relevant colour on fpr each standard claimed.
    This may have confused you more than helped - sorry.
    My e-mail is sarahgoodman68@aol.com if I can be any more help.

  13. I did the seven day route last year,. We were told to put all the evidence in standard order, so all 64 pieces, 2 for each standard, were at the back of my file. I used stickers in top right hand corner to reference each piece e.g.std 1 doc 1 F2, and annotated the sticker to say why the evidence was relevant to the standard. I highlighted the part of the evidence which referred to the standard if necessary. So my file had all the tasks at the front, followed by all the evidence.Hope this helps.
  14. Hi. I wonder if you could help. I am ploughing through evidencing my portfolio for HLTA status but struggling to put it all together, I know that it would be useful to see an example if that was possible. Thanking you in advance. caroline.hughes53@ntlworld.com
  15. cdcc

    cdcc New commenter


    i am doing NVQ course level 2 and about to finish it, so i would love a copy of your portfolio please as this will be helpful in the future and i know that i will progress towaeds HLTA.this is my email ad: smhajbi@yahoo.co.uk [​IMG]

    Thanks for your generous offer and help.

  16. Hi I completed my HLTA in 2007 and have been working in that role since. I completed the foundation degree and topped this up to an honours degree. In September I have successfully gained a place on the Graduate Teacher Programme which I can't wait to start even though it will be hard work.
    If I can help anyone I will. I cannot provide you with my portfolio as it is in my file and not electronic but I have my tasks and the grid to evidence the standrds that might help you. If you want any help or any queries leave your email address. Good luck
    Vicky xx
  17. Hi, In the process of doing my HLTA, written first three tasks, struggling a bit with matching the standards and completing the grid. Would really appreciate having a look,
    Thanks so much

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