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HLTA and standards - any advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by MAZZER, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Jan

    Cultural diversity can also exist in a predominantly white school.

    We have white Plymouth Bretheren (sic) Jehovahs Witnesses as well as African (both Black and White) students.

    We also have Chinese, Malayan, children from Iran just to name a few.

    Cultural diversity comes in many shapes and forms, some of which are not obvious at first sight.

    How you deal with this is the important factor in this strand.
  2. Katyrob, this woman asked me how I dealt with the cultural diversity standard as some people were apparently finding it difficult depending on the children they work with. ALL the children in my school are English and white and (nominally) Christian. There is still diversity in the school, though it is less easy to identify than race or religion.
  3. hi
    I only filled a normal size ring binder. In fact i was amazed how little it looked considering the hours of work that went into putting it together!I didn't find the assessor's visit too stressful. I didn't feel that she was out to catch me out, just check that I knew what I was talking about. The other thing that helped was that I had no worries about the 2 interviews with staff. I was lucky in that I had 2 experienced teachers I had worked with for a long time so who knew what I was capable of. I'm primary....perhaps this is not so easy in secondary?
  4. Your assessor has 60 minutes maximum in which to look through the information in your portfolio, check it against your candidates assessment grid to see which standard you are linking it to and confirm whether it meets the standard.

    If they feel it still doesn't meet the standard fully they will also have to devise a supplementary question to confirm the standard either from one of the teachers, head or from yourself in your second interview.

    Do not overload your assessor, make sure your portfolio contains only the information linked to the tasks or those supporting a particular standard. Make sure your assessor can use their time wisely.
  5. KatyRob,
    Iam going for 2 day briefing after easter.
    Please could you send me a copy of your portfolio. I feel it would be very useful.
    Thanks Fazz
  6. Katyrob, I have just done day three of the 3 day assessment and I am more confused than I was before I started. Could you please send me a copy of your portfolio? I think I just need a shove in the right direction as to how much detail to put in the tasks. Thanks in advance, my address is fuchsiafan1@aol.com
  7. I have attended 2 days of the 3 day assessment route. I am feeling a bit apprehensive (sp?) at the minute, don't know if what I am doing is what they want???????? If poss could somebody, anybody e-mail me a copy of what they have done just to ease my mind.


    Lisa (lei_ste@yahoo.co.uk)
  8. Hi My name is Yvonne.
    I am new to this site and very desperate. I have just done the 2 days of the assessment route and busy typing up my tasks. I would be so grateful to see katyrob's example of her portfolio as the lecturer that we had was deaf and very unhelpful. I am panicing because I am sure that having spent the best part of a week putting this together that it is totally wrong. My email address is meetra42@aol.com if anyone could help.Many thanks.
  9. KatyRob
    I have just been informed by my HT that I need this year to do my HLTA I would like to take up your offer of your portfolio if that would be ok if this would be possible my e mail address is sroberts@parkfieldhigh.biblio.net this would be most appreciated Thank You
  10. Katyrob
    I am going to start my HLTA next week and am dreading it. Your portfolio would be a great help to enable me to see what is involved
    Many thanks
  11. katyrob

    please can u email to me as well...


    i am hoping to start hlta soon but need to see how i can evidence as i have started a new job and my provider says i need to be in compulsory education and not fe.

  12. Hi just joined the forum after reading all the comments and helpful advice. I am also hoping to go for hlta 3day assessment, would be really grateful of any advice examples of work etc email me on colin.watson12@btinternet.com

  13. KathyRob
    I would be very grateful if I could have a look at your portfolio as I am just about to embark on the 3day route and feel a little bewildered by what is required from me. A copy would be great Thanks
  14. Katyrob
    Sorry got your name wrong, looking forward to receiving an email of you portfolio if that is possible. Many congratulations in acheiving HLTA status.
  15. Hi Katyrob,

    Congrats on achieving your H.L.T.A Status....i have just started so could you e mail me a copy of your portfolio to look at it would be gratefully accepted..
    thanks sandraduffield@hotmail.com
  16. hi katyrob, i would be grateful if i could look at your portfolio too, congrats on gaining your new status, johanne36@hotmail.com, thanks ever-so
  17. hi kathy i have just started on the hlta course and would be very gratefull if you would email me a copy of your work to give me some idea what is required many thanks my email adress is Ndennett44@AOL.COM
  18. Hi Katyrob
    Have just applied for HlTA funding, haven't got a clue what to expect. Would be very grateful if you could send me a copy of your portfolio so I have some idea what is expected of me. Hope your are successful and will soon be a qualified HLTA. Think you are a great sport, helping out so many. My email is marianladymoor@aol.com. Once again fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted.
    Thanks Marian.

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