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HLTA and standards - any advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by MAZZER, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Every individual who applies for the HLTA status will compile a portfolio which is individual to themselves. No two people support the same lesson or the same students.

    Your portfolio is the extra evidence that compliments the writing up of your tasks and is used in conjunction with these and the interviews are the basis for your assessment. If you take a lesson you would include your planning documents any notes you made of meetings with teachers prior to the lesson, copies of IEP's of any students. Lesson Plan, resources examples of students work, modification of resources for SEN or Able and Talented, seating plans, observation by others of your lesson to name but a few.

    You should have a mentor in school and if this is a problem the people who have taken you through the three days training will be more than willing to offer advice.

    Evidence can be from the last 12 months to the date you are entered for assessment. So anyone who is thinking of applying save every piece of evidence you can, make sure you write up any planning notes from meetings anything you think may be useful, save a copy of everything. It is much easier to weed out than to scurry round trying to find evidence.

    I have no doubt you would complete the HLTA with ease. The standards are what we do every day. The hardest part is putting it all into words, that is the words they want, to prove that you meet them.

    I did a poll a while back about how long the portfolio took to complete and, not including the three days of assessment, the general replies varied between 45-60 hours of your time.
    TAs are a conscientious lot, so a lot of that time was editing. The Annex Grid, cross referencing all your evidence, was deceiving - it took more time to complete than you would think. Of course the trainers who promote HLTA say, oh it's only 8 tasks, but I reckon I could have spent in excess of 80 hours on it, if I hadn't called time on it and said enough was enough.

    My interviewer was an ex primary head and he was lovely. He asked lots of questions which were just confirming what I had already written.
    My advice is - do it for yourself. I did it because
    I liked the idea of having a recognised status that demonstrated the quality of my work. Now when I hear someone has achieved the status, I know exactly what they had to do to get it and I have tons of admiration for them.

    Fingers crossed, like Katyrob I completed it in December and am waiting to hear.
  3. kizzi - in answer - no not an assessor. Just interested in the way that the HLTA route is going and likely to impact on roles within school, particularly secondary. I am putting evidence together for my portfolio but I have to take the Lit/Num tests before my LEA will accept me. I understand that some LEAs accept you so long as you can get the Level 2 lit/num by the end.
  4. Please KatyRob can I have a copy too. My email address is getcarters@tiscali.co.uk.

    I would be very grateful just to see what the expectations are and to get an idea of the standards.
    Hopefully this is not taking up too much of your time and thanks for sharing.

  5. KatyRob, please add me to the email list for a look at your HLTA stuff, having difficulty with the course leader, getting any help as to writing and presenting the portfolio. cheers, Janech
  6. KatyRob hi i know its a pain but i woyld really love to see your work, i have just done day 3, no other TAs from my school have done it, so do not have a clue how this should look. i know what they want for some of the standards but not sure how they want it fitting into the 3 tasks. heres my email if you can help. astra04@blueyonder.co.uk. good luck and thanks for any help.
  7. you can tell it was a long day today i even spelt "would" wrong.good luck to all doing hlta. my head is spinning.
  8. Programme I saw this week on Teachers' TV might be of interest to some of you - Primary TA's. There was a 15min slot all about HLTA standards etc. In fact the whole one hour programme was very interesting. Enjoy!
  9. Hi KatyRob
    Well, what useful stuff this is! I have now acquired it via a very helpful soul on this thread and am very grateful.

    It is very, very enlightening and given me clear ideas about what I am to put together.

    Thanks so much
  10. hi KatyRob thanks for the mail. i learnt more from the prompt sheet than i learnt in the 3 days briefings, thank you so much, it is becomming clearer, just got until 18th to try and write something down to hand in.
  11. This is turning into a classic class situation: Someone asks a question that everyone really wants to ask but needs a prompt to do so. It seems that I am not the only one out here who needs some support.
    THanks again
  12. Wouldn't mind seeing how you put the portfolio together if you wouldn't mind. All jargon to me at present and not sure where to start. stevenandkarensearle@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks Karen
  13. i think that judging by the amount of us that are struggling ,it proves that there is something lacking in the "training" they are giving us
  14. Thank you all for your kind messages. I am certainly in need of them today having just heard that I have to wait until April to hear one way or the other.

    I do hope your assessment process is quicker than mine!
  15. hi katyrob when did you have your assessment.? what was it like? i am sure you have done well , best wishes
  16. My assessment was on 01st December.

    The assessment was nerve wracking, but only because of my own nerves. The lack of knowledge as to what would happen was the main cause. The assessor was really nice, gently questioning to check my knowledge and well aware of what she was looking for. Everyone within the school was very supportive, lots of positive strokes to try and help me.

    The waiting is really the worst part of it. It has and still is, hard, not knowing if you have met all the standards as required by the TTA. I really just feel so frustrated at the moment. My school is also cross because they don't know what is happening either.
  17. KatyRob, I am thinking of taking on the HLTA via the 3 day route and would love to see the amount of work you have needed to produce. Email: pj@pjhudson.fsnet.co.uk.

  18. KatyRob, seems that your experience of not knowing what to expect is common to all those who have already been assessed. I was told that the assessment and evidence needed was the same up and down the land but that does not appear to be the case. Some are having to put a lever arch file together, others a normal A4 file of evidence.
    Anyway, at least you have been able to increase your own confidence and are now more valuable to your school, just a shame you are having to wait so long. I would still like to see your portfolio if you would be so kind to email, kind regards, birling@hotmail.com
  19. katyRob it seems as if there is something lacking in the training, i did day 3 this week, all we were told about the assessment was that the assessor would be writing down everything we say, that has made the nerves even worse!!. we were not given any hint about what we would need to know . it seems as if they keep you in the dark just because they can.its the strangest "course" i have ever done, no indication at all from the trainer as to wether we were even thinking along the right lines about the standards and how to set them out. your work seems great i am sure you will have done well, i am finding the prompt sheet more help than anything they told us at the briefings, so thank you very much , i only hope i can cover the stuff as well as you did. let us know when you get the good news!
  20. I've just been contacted by someone representing the TTA about putting some personal experiences on the oficial HLTA website. She said they're going to include examples of how people evidenced the standards in different schools. On of the things she was interested in how you address the 'cultural diversity' standard when you work in an all white christian school. She also said they would be including case studies and possibly video clips from existing HLTAs.

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