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HLTA and standards - any advice?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by MAZZER, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Hi there!
    If I go for the 3-day assessment what sort of statements am I expected to write? I did the STA some time back and presentation has changed somewhat regarding evidence etc. NVQs are a foreign language to me so how exactly am I supposed to present myself, skills, knowledge and understanding etc?
    Advice please.
  2. Hi there!
    If I go for the 3-day assessment what sort of statements am I expected to write? I did the STA some time back and presentation has changed somewhat regarding evidence etc. NVQs are a foreign language to me so how exactly am I supposed to present myself, skills, knowledge and understanding etc?
    Advice please.
  3. MAZZER,

    I haven't done HLTA, so I might be talking utter rubbish here, but my son's girlfriend went down the 3 day route last year and, as I understand it, the three days was to advise on the evidence needed for meeting the standards and how to collect and present it. She had to prepare a 'portfolio' of her evidence (after she'd done the 3 days) and was interviewed on it by an assessor a few months later.

    Despite all my gripes about HLTA, I think I'm going to have to go for it, so am currently applying for the 3 day route in Summer or Autumn of this year. Serve me right if I didn't get accepted!
  4. Mazzer

    I was assessed for the HLTA in early December and am still awaiting the decision but, I have a copy of my portfolio on the computer and if it would be of any use to you I could send it.

    I know that I would have found it useful to have an exemplar when I was completing it.

  5. Doz


    I have completed my 2 days and I have almost finished my writing up of the tasks and I am evidence
    gattering but I am finding it difficult to obtain all the evidence in all 8 tasks. Did you? or can you put addition evidence as well?
    There are lots of different views on the teaching aspect on another site for HLTAs I don't know if I can name it here?
    Some TAs are saying they have been told they have to teach regularly, what was your experience?
    I would love to see your examplier. My last "class" is on 16th March and I want it finished for then as I am on holiday at Easter and I don't want it hanging over me. Thanks Doz
  6. Oh go on Doz..... name that 'other site'!!
  7. Doz


    I don't know where you are from, I live in the north west and there are a lot of postings on that page as well as the staff room... only problem I am having unless it is my comp..is that all the postings are dated 1/02/05 which they are not.... lots of TAs postings this moring
  8. Flomp

    Flomp New commenter

    I am hoping to go for the 3 day HLTA route but am still awaiting the approval of my headteacher. However, I would really like to take you up on your kind offer of your portfolio, if possible. My email is usathome0001@btinternet.com
    delph1 likes this.
  9. Hi Katyrob,

    That's a very kind offer of yours to email HLTA folder of evidence. Can I take you up on that as well please? Yvonne@yvonneclarkson.wanadoo.co.uk

    I have taken the Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching which I achieved a merit for over two years. Now I'm currently completing BA(hons) Learning and Teaching only to find out that I could do with the HLTA status as well. So I'm applying for the 3 day assessment. Many thanks Yvonne
  10. Doz


    As others are posting their email I have put mine on too. d.nicholson7@ntlworld.com
    I would love a copy. I feel as though I have been putting evidence together forever now!
    Thank you for your very generous offer.
  11. KatyRob - you should be hearing how you did very soon. Did you spend as much time on it as you expected?

    I have asked TTA for exemplar material in past but reply was to use the handbook and guide!! It would be useful to see how someone else has gone about putting their portfolio together...any chance of an email? birling@hotmail.com

    many thanks.
  12. Look what's happened now, KatyRob - an avalanche of requests just through my simple little message. I am not very good at putting my email on these sites as they are very public. However, I will ask one of these kind souls who have already put their emails up publicly to assist me. You are a sport and I will look forward to receiving your stuff via someone else if that's Ok. Thanks a bunch. And, yes, I am going to go for it.
  13. Just had a thought over this HLTA thing. It's difficult to know what to do and there is the feeling that if one doesn't do it, one could get left behind, couldn't one.

    (Sounds a bit posh, that, eh? - what does one think?)

    You get my drift folks ??
  14. Absolutely, old girl, couldn't agree with you more :)
  15. Good luck to everyone who applies for this status. I think this is the way forward towards recognition of our professionalism.

    It has been hard work, but whether I achieve the status or not, I believe it has made me focus on how to do my job better.

    It has certainly made a lot of teachers realise just what we are capable of within lessons and I have found that I am regarded much more as a partner in the learning than ever before.
  16. KatyRob
    Would it be possible for you to email me the exemplar too. I'm due to start the HLTA soon and I'm panicking about how much evidence I will need and what it all involves. I work in a Secondary School and it seems that no one really knows what to expect! My email is Tracey@eventportraits.co.uk. Any tips would be grateful since you are the expert! Thanks.
  17. I would love to receive an example - my email is dkerslake2000@yahoo.co.uk many thanks. Also I have just applied for HLTA - 3 day assessment the meeting was last wednesday, how long did you all have to wait for a reply - the suspense is killing me. DK
  18. Doz


    I got all info many thanks.I have recieved 2 emails asking for copies too. I hope you don't mind if I re-forward this info.I think others want it but don't want to appear as forward as me!
    I have finished mine... midnight oil last night. Just got to go over it fine tune it and hopefully get someone to proof read it. Oh yes and look for evidence and grovel for witness statements..so not much to do!!!
    All the best Doz
  19. Good luck doz, I know exactly what you mean, I wondered if I was going to get RSI with all the re-writing I did.

    The interview was nerve wracking but as long as everything has been completed there is no real problem apart from your own nerves. Unfortunately the assessor can give no indication whether or not you have been successful so all you can do is to try and forget all about it once the interview is over.

    The worst part is definately this last bit, waiting for the outcome, not knowing if you have managed to jump through all their hoops or if you have missed something important.

    I have found it useful to start something else which requires any spare time I have, yes, the dreaded OU course. It does help to take your mind off things which you do need.

    I hope to hear soon, some Providers ring you as soon as they know, others let the TTA confirm. I will let you know when I do hear something, either good or bad, because if it is a "No" the reasons why may be of help to those just starting it.

    Keep us posted on your progress
  20. Message for Birlingg -

    Are you a HLTA assessor? I hope you didn't mind me asking.

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