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HLTA and planning

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by jsmith31, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Calling out to all HLTA's I am wondering how much work any of you may do at home. I am employed for 3 days a week covering PPA. I have to do planning and preparation of lessons, book marking and updating curriculm skills for all 3 classes which I cover but my problem is that I don't get any time at school to complete any of these tasks. I am now working every night at home, lunch times and break times. Is this normal for a HLTA, I am contracted for 30 hours a week but only get paid for 21 hours HLTA and a Level 2 for the other 2 days but I am now working more or less 45 hours and getting very little pay for this. I am now thinking it's not working out and I should return back to a TA status.
  2. I've asked but had no reply yet HT said he'll look into it. I have children and I can't stay at work late so I have to do it at home which I wouldn't mind if I got paid for the time I do, but I literally get paid for the hours at work only. It's not just the planning it's the marking and sticking work in books and being contracted as a TA as well any free time I may have is often used up helping others they don't thinnk I may need that time for myself. I don't expect to get paid for all the hours I do at home but a little recognition of the effort I put in would be nice an hour each night would help.
  3. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Hmm you sound a bit like me.I have an hour of school time. Nurture time is split into 15mins sessions but it is notes for 8 children and if done properly it can take 15mins to do one child. Sometimes I just have to write what activity we did and highlight problem areas.Sometimes I write detailed notes when something significant happens so that it can be used as evidence.
    Perhaps you are just doing too much.I have had more to do this year as we are on a rolling programme and I have changed subjects this year so can't rely on past planning.I use files for some of my subjects so they get filed sometimes by the kids.
    If you get some free time try and use it for yourself easier said than done I know.
    I find Sunday afternoon I do about three hours.Difficult if you have kids, mine have grown up now.Could you write it in your diary each week and then if the Head asks to speak to you about it you can show him.Good Luck!
  4. I am HLTA and am paid to work 33 hours during which I cover 2 year groups PPA and provide intervention across another 2 year groups and manage a whole school reading programme. In that 33 hours I have 2 hours release time to plan for the 5 subjects to be delivered during PPA cover and 7 different intervention sessions and resolve any reading programme issues . Obviously I get very little of that done during that time. I spend most of my (unpaid) lunch hour marking books and setting up ready for my next session. I have 15 minutes after the children have gone home in which I try to catch up on any unfinished marking and meet with the teachers I'm covering the next day.So inevitably I end up taking books home to mark, and continue the planning. Unfortunately it seems like most HLTA's have similar problems[​IMG]
  5. Hi this is the first time i've posted on here so here goes [​IMG]
    I took up my current post as a HLTA in September due to a house move and the travelling was getting ridiculous. I had been in my previous position in KS1 and Foundation for over 10 years without any issues at all regarding my work, in fact last Ofsted inspection was graded as outstanding.
    My difficulties are that when i applied for the position i was told i would be covering PPA and doing interventions in the mornings and would be based in the nursery in the afternoons. Lovely i thought still keep some time with the little ones whilst experiencing something new. However when i turned up for work i was given the following timetable. Monday am - year 1 support pm - interventions. Tuesday am - year 1 support pm year 1 ppa cover. Wednesday - All day PPA cover year 2 covering deputy head management time. Thursday am - nursery ppa pm Year 1 interventions including ELS, etc Friday am - mixed year 4/5 PPA cover pm year 1 interventions.
    As you can see this does not meet the job advert that i applied for, i explained at the time of being offered the position that if i was expected to do KS2 cover i would need some additional training. I was told by the stand in head at the time please do not worry we are aware that you passed your HLTA using Foundation as the whole class so will provide you with lots of courses, training etc and we will not use you in KS2 until we feel you are ready. Hence i was relieved and agreed to take the position, however i was thrown straight into year 4/5 PPA and of late have been doing whole days in there too. I have now been told that i am to be observed in a couple of days withing that class, well i wasn't actually told it just appeared on the weekly planning sheet. I am getting myself into a right tizz and i even asked for some support today and was told just do what you normally do. I really don't know what to do, i feel like i am worthless and having asked our new head who has been in post 9 weeks for a meeting 5 times to be told - I know i will sort it i am not sure what else to do. Sorry for this rather negative post but could really do with some support.
    In respect of time i have been told i get 3.15 to 3.45 a day to plan, prepare and mark. Well we all know that to mark 29 books for both numeracy and literacy and plan for ppa and interventions for the next day takes far longer than 30 minutes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks in advance for your replies. [​IMG]
  6. I cover PPA in Years 1, 2 & 5 (RE) as well as taking Years 4 & 6 Maths. All of which I have to plan and prepare etc. I currently get one afternoon a week for this. Unfortunately, it seems to be this way for most other HLTAs. Think you should definately talk to your HT as this is unacceptable.
  7. I work as a HLTA and teach ICT to all years (R-6) 4 days/week and cover PPA teaching PE one afternoon/week. I also liaise with our computer support re all computer problems with our school network, techer's laptops, etc. I am given no planning time at all. I have to walk around the school at the beginning of each half-term to try and get the teachers to tell me what they would like taught in ICT and then it's up to me to plan delivery!! I used to work as a TA, but now feel like a cheap excuse for a supply teacher!
  8. You and me both! [​IMG] It is one of the trickiest parts of the job trying to second guess what the class teacher wants. The times I have planned something only to be asked to re- plan something else at short notice.
    It is a challenge to keep up with everything from Year 6 to Reception planning. Any topic area can land on your plate and you have to become an instant expert from anything from Vikings to Recycling!
  9. I think you already know the answer - just say no. I have recently moved to a job where I get admin time timetabled in whereas I used to do it unpaid after school. My life is much calmer and I am less tired as a result. Your teachers are getting PPA time but you are not. They are also getting paid at a higher rate in recognition that they are working outside of school hours whereas you are only getting paid for hours worked. You are not helping the teachers, other TAs or yourself by being willing to do so much wihtout pay. I know it's really hard to take a stand but you can do it without being strident. You could start by asking who is going to mark the books because you don't have time to do it, and if there is no-one available just start doing work that doesn't require marking or much preparation. I honestly don't think having HLTA status means you suddenly have to work for nothing ...
  10. I agree with everyone who has said that you need to ask for time. In my LEA, I have spoken to HLTAs from other schools who are asked to cover lessons at very short notice, with no time to plan. They are being used as cheap cover instead of supply teachers.
    Luckily, my school does not do that, but there have been a few times when we have been told about new activities we are expected to do with statemented pupils, with a few day's notice. As a group, we said that we needed more time to plan, and to be fair, we were given it. I think you need to say that you haven't the time, and if you are expected to mark work and to plan it, that time needs to be given to you. Otherwise, you should only deliver work that a teacher has planned for the pupils.
  11. Thanks so much for all your replies, i know i should say no. I have rang union (unison) and they are looking into it for me.
    Another question should i be expected to have a class on my own for the whole day without any support whatsover?
    I am no off to plan my ELS, Interventions, Friday observation and mark science and numeracy.

    Oh the joys and all with a headache too, fools to ourselves i think.

  12. Well done on your result you obviously deserve it. I am following the CT planning but i know i am just going to get all flustered and to make it worse the other HLTAs who were meant to be observed have called in sick, so i am now thinking that they will be with me longer :(
    The TA who was covering my SEN group is also off sick so i will be on my own boo hoo lol
    I can only do what i can and thats what i am going to say if they criticise me and i will also mention the fact that i have had no training whatsoever in KS2. Raaarrrrrrrrrr !!!

    Roll on tomorrow lunch at least it will all be over.

    I think some schools use us without any regard to our wellbeing at all.

  13. Just out of interest, can I ask how you have found this transition? There seems to be a lot of teachers going into the role of TA and I just wondered what prompted this move? Best wishes.

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