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HLTA and INSET days

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by tina.louise, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. At our school HLTA's and TA's are contracted to work inset days and therefore paid, we also have weekly staff meetings that are used for training, all new TA's are contracted to attend until 4.00, TA's on the old contract were given the choice to change. Inset days are part of your proffessional development but that doesn't mean you have to do them voluntary, the new intake of TA's at our school went back to work 2 days before the rest of us so they could do their basic mapa training and got paid. Have a word with your union rep.
  2. All TAs in our school are paid an extra 5 days to cover Inset days. Admin staff are paid to work two weeks longer than the rest of the school. Lunchtime Supervisors are also paid to attend training days if it is felt that it is something relevant to them (Child Protection, First Aid). Part time teachers who do not normally work on a particular training day do not attend.
    You should not feel guilty for not attending and nor should you need the 'ok' from your Head.
    I think that it is a choice that individual Head Teachers make and I can see that the temptation to save 5 days pay x the number of TAs in the school is a big temptation. However our Head places a high value on trained staff and would not expect anyone to work unpaid.
    Do TAs attend staff meetings and are you paid for them? Only TAs at our school whose working hours coincide with staff meetings attend them. If TAs don't attend staff meetings why should Inset days be any different?
    Your Head may try to tell you that it will be helpful to your professional development, but the value of your attending is gained by your school and your school should pay for it. Sometimes TAs are their own worst enemies, we feel guilty, we stay a little bit late (every day), we take stuff home to finish it. We are generally committed to our jobs and the pupils that we work with and will often go that extra mile.
    That's great and we all see teacher's ethos of working extraordinarily long hours but we are not teachers and if we are not careful we end up propping up the schools finances with good will. As a union rep said to me once if you do any extra unpaid hours you dilute your hourly rate and before you know it you are working below the national minimum wage.
    Your Head has absolutely no incentive to pay you all as you are all doing it for free. Until someone takes a stand everyone else will be fearful of not attending.
    I have worked for two Headteachers in my school- My current Headteacher came in with a different approach to TAs. We are valued, mostly full time TAs, pays all TAs at level 3 (even the older TAs with no NVQs etc) and pays for any extra hours worked. The whole school has not suffered and has in fact improved its results and has a happier, more cohesive work force.
  3. helpfulfriend

    helpfulfriend New commenter

    I am contracted to work INSET days also staff meetings. T.a.'s in our school are expected to attend INSET and staff meetings they get one afternoon off per week for the staff meeting and are given time in lieu for inset days.
  4. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    We are contracted to work some INSET days depending on your contract I think. Some go home at lunchtime.Staff meetings are supposed to be attended by full time staff but since none of our staff are full time it is up to you.Paid for staff meetings :) I wish!
  5. All staff, including teaching and support staff, attend inset days if it fall on a day that the member of staff normally works. There is no extra pay for anyone else to come in.

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