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Hit rock bottom after having chewing gum thrown at me

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by s4mm13, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Just as the title says really.
    I had chewing gum thrown at me today by a year 10 boy. He only confessed it was him when he was removed, along with two other likely candidates, by SLT after a support call had been made.
    This wasn't even the first time today I had something thrown at me, which hit me in the head... The verbal abuse I can just about handle, but this is completely different and becomming more and more regular.
    Feel like I've hit rock bottom and feel completely worthless as a teacher.
    This school is really taking it out of me :eek:(
  2. That's awful. Have also had something thrown at me in front of the whole class. Luckily for me we have cameras and the boy was excluded. Hope you are ok and the student has been dealt with appropriately.
  3. I will be chasing up what sanction was given tomorrow morning.
    I'm ok, just angry and a bit upset about it all. I'm used to verbal abuse from some students and even having things like rubbers and mints aimed at me, but used chewing gum... I was disgusted.
    I know I shouldn't be used to these things, but they are becomming more and more regular.
    It's really demoralising.
  4. Oh my god where are you teaching? Sounds horrendous.
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I was on what could have been a long supply placement last year. I'd been there 2 weeks when a girl threw a heavy object at me as she left the room. It hit the radiator a couple of inches from me and bounced up to hit my upper arm.
    A boy in the doorway witnesssed it and told me the girl's name, including the fact that she was masquerading as an absent pupil in my class and should have been in Mr Xs room all lesson.
    I had a free lesson and went immediately to report the incident. The senior teacher I spoke to promised to follow it up and to visit that class the next day when I was teaching them again.
    She didn't arrive. I sought her out again and reminded her. Still nothing happened and the assailant was in school every day and still trying to gate-crash my lessons. I told every SMT that came to take her away that no sanction had yet been implemented for the assault on me.
    I left after another week when I finally accepted that the school had no acceptable (for me) strategies for dealing with extreme behaviour.
    A boy that had been swearing at me and was being cajoled by SMT to leave the room, turned to me and viciously called me a "stupid fu$king bit$h" before exiting. He was brought back to re-join the lesson 10 minutes later, with a smirking apology.
    I refused to allow him back in and told the SMT that, if I were to do so, I could guarantee that a handful of lads in the class would decide that it was worth showering me with similar verbal abuse if the only sanction was 10 minutes out of the lesson (yay!) and a feeble, insincere apology.
  6. I really sympathise with you, nothing is more demoralising after spending so much time and effort to qualify as a teacher than to literally have it thrown back at you!. You are right to stand your ground and demand more is done, do not back down. SLT are there to support you and you are in charge in the classroom.

    I know it shouldnt work like this but try to think of a positive lesson you have in a day (If you have one, I have days without any!) and talk to someone. I have used the forums and found them very cathartic, write everything that happens down 10 minutes after so you have time to calm down and still have a record. If nothing more is done, go to your union.

    Best of luck x
  7. It's a really sad state of affairs when my first response was "well it least it wasn't a chair and a computer like in my first school"! I just wanted to say that you are not a bad teacher IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM BECAUSE THIS HAPPENED!!! In the end I moved school at it was the best move. Yes I copped out and moved out of an inner city London, but I have been teaching nearly 10years because of it! Obviously, changing school is not an immediate priority so I agree with the advice given so far. Take a deep breath and realise it is down to the pupil not you, in this case. Focus on the other 90% of pupils that you teach and realise you are making a difference to them :)
  8. Don't worry s4m13, hippo is always trying to get teachers to go abroad on the overseas forum

    to give you a little more immediate help in your situation, trying meeting up with your school SENCO for any advice or strategies they may have for you, especially as they know your pupils. It could be that they are acting out to hide any number of issues they may be dealing with and are trying to defect their anger on you. Talking to them outside of the lesson environment may help you come up with strategies together. Hugs in support!
  9. I started teaching in 2011 and decided not for me in 2012. If I had continued I would be dead by 50. I can get the same money in admin but do a 40 hr week rather than over 60 hrs and be far happier.

    I've put together a website (shown below) to help people make the transition from teaching to an alternative career, which also has some career options. Check it out if your thinking of a change, if your unhappy long term then you can change things. May just need to sort incident like get male teacher with authority to give a dressing down to one of your classes and heavy sanctions and the word will spread.

  10. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Dear Blissx, if you are very happy teaching in the UK and you have no desire to leave, then that is great and long may it continue. On the other hand, some teachers are not so fortunate as you are and I was only suggesting that they might perhaps like to consider teaching in an international school, rather than leaving teaching altogether, as rob123king has suggested.
  11. Yes hippo - but your post was directed at me and advising me that I should move abroad as it is better and it read as if you hadn't noticed that I had moved school already. It didn't seem to consider the OP at all.

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