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Discussion in 'US – Education news' started by richgsr1, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. richgsr1

    richgsr1 New commenter

    I am having a problem with what is NOT being taught in American schools; AND also the education of America.
    Our History as a nation actually began with t he discovery that the earth is round; Columbus (I believe he was either Jewish or Christian) .
    Jewish because the queen of spain was kicking all the Jews out & Columbus arranged for some (or many) Jews to escape from Spain via ship.
    Average teachers skip all that today (except Private, Christian or Catholic)
    Then there is the Civil War (War between the states) where usually that war is said to be for only financial, rather than about slavery (I believe Lincoln caused freedom to be "it". (there was Lincoln's Greenback Dollar as an "alsoran").
    Most teachers also seem to avoid Fort Sumter and WW1; WW2, Korea and Vietnam. (plus the skirmishes everywhere else).
    (I dropped out of school @ 17 Yrs old; when the Military told me to get lost)
    What I did get is that After WW2 America rebuilt the World (except for when the Communists would not allow or pay for rebuilding anything because they liked people to remain impoverished)
    I remember people getting killed for trying to escape Socialism/ Communism at the Berlin Wall & N Korea.Anyone remember Pol Pot? Yeah There too.
    My problem is the people who know nothing about life trying to run the American government.

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