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History pgce interview at coleraine. Any advise?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Debbie7604, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, ive got an interview at Coleraine on the 10th March and was wondering if anyone had any tips or advise. Ive been asked to bring two historical materials which would stimulate a ks3 or 4 lesson and i am thinking of concentrating on the norman conquest. They have also stated that I will be given a written assignment on the day of the interview. Does anyone know what this might entail from previous experience because I have no idea what to expect.
  2. forgot to say its for PGCE History
  3. hey i have also got an interview with them a couple of days before. only advice to give you having previously had an interview there is to be relaxed. the written assignment aint anything to worry about and just do a topic that u are comfortable with when it comes to the sources
  4. Ok thanks very much and all the best for your interview.
  5. Hey I did this interview last year, still waiting to hear back about my application this year. How did you get on? Did you do the Norman conquest? Also what was the written part like? Last year it was about teaching an underachiever from an inner city background, so just wondering if it was similar this year. Hope to hear back from Coleraine soon....has anybody been offered a place yet?

  6. hey, i havn't heard if anyone has heard yet, i have been waiting since 8th march and they told me the other day the decisions have been made but until the department of educationdecide on numbers they cant notify anyone. i think the interview went well. it was my third there so hopefully its lucky this time though i have a place in england i would rather stay especially since i am 10 mins from coleraine. howdid u think yours went

  7. Thats good though-if the decision has been made and you havn't been declined yet that maybe means your at least short-listed while they wait 4 the munbers to be decided. Yeah I know what you mean-i live hours away from coleraine but still dont want to go to England!lol Yeah the interview seemed to go well-although it went well last year and I didn't get in, its just soooo competitive:-( fingers crossed for both of us!lol what topic did you discuss?
  8. yea lets hope its good news for both of us, i discussed the Irish famine, i had done it for my other interview and thought it worked well so hopefully it will work twice. in my interview however they actually forgot to ask me about it and when i was doing the written part i had to come back in, they had thought it was covered when i talked about other stuff until they were talkking afterwards and realised.i probably just over talked and confused them,lol

  9. This sort of thing is just to check that you are literate. Mine was for English, but it was simply 'What do you think about this poem?' - No different from a GCSE essay you may have written in your youth. Don't panic.
    But, learn the difference between advice and advise :)
  10. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    This would be my advice for any essay subject...
  11. Anybody got a letter yet? Its hateful waiting! :-(
  12. no, i am going mad waiting. 45 days since my interview and with the easter holiday it will be lucky if i hear next week.
  13. I know-i rang and they said all the letters would go out this week, but we know what there like!lol
  14. I'm not holding my breath, they forgot to send my rejection letter last year lol. It wasn't funny at the time but at least I can laugh now. I'd say give it another week at least, even if they say that the letters are getting sent, I doubt much will happen over the bank holiday.
  15. Hi I just popped in as I am waiting to hear back from Coleraine but the Primary PGCE.. I do know that Saturday past i know a few people who received acceptance letters from Coleraine, i unfortunatly did not get a letter so I am assuming its not going to be good news.. Just wanted to let you all know that but maybe the history PGCE would be different.. Coleraine dont open again until the 3rd May..
  16. Likewise ClareM875 they said mine got lost in the post last year, and I was waiting until mid may!lol funny now but as you say it was ridiculous last year! Im sick waiting!!!!
  17. Hi folks, just to let you know, I got my letter today and I got in. I just wanted to let you know in case you were still waiting on word back, it'll come through soon either way. Best of luck to everyone who is waiting, and I hope you all get on ok.
  18. Hi rejection letter this year again! What can ya do!lol congrats to those who got in and best of luck to those still waiting! [​IMG]
  19. also rejected again so cumbria uni i go, i am gonna be so poor for a year but at least i am moving forward. hope it works out for everyone

  20. Hiya i also have been offered a place. Is yours for Primary? [​IMG]

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