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History PGCE at Coleraine

Discussion in 'History' started by patrick1997, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hi clarebear25

    I have interview for PGCE History on 2 April. I am very nervous. I am considering using Titanic as talking point. What did you talk about?
  2. Hi Patrick1997 yeah I was really nervous but sure everyone's on the same boat although I think I let the nerves get to me! I didn't really talk about a specific topic but I mentioned my dissertation and the topics taught with regards to the curriculum you know like partition, plantation, world war one and two etc. If you go on to Kent university website they give you really good practice questions and scenarios for interview.
  3. Thanks for the tip re Kent Uni site. I'll have a look. I went to a school today for a chat with the Head of History Dept and it really helped. The numbers are stacked against us!! Do you know how many applicants are being interviewed?
  4. No problem it really helped me. The fella that interviewed me said there were around 80 or 90 but they don't know how many they can take on until the department decides thats why it could be as late as June. Yeah talking to teachers really helps too but def go to that site and look at the pgce mock interview it's really good!
  5. Good luck BigC86 with the interview. Do they change the topic of writing exercise each year? Last year was the importance of history to society - I think this is correct. Can I ask did you bring an actual piece of historical material - something small - or printed off a picture from the internet?

  6. Hi Guys
    Rang Uni. Letters to unsuccessful candidates were posted first class today. I'm expecting one in the mail tomorrow!!!
  7. Hi all,
    I am currently on the History PGCE course in Coleraine, nearly finished! Hope your interviews went well. As regards finding out, the longer you don't hear anything the better. I was interviewed on March 15th, got accepted in the middle of May. This is a headache if you are thinking of applying for other courses as a plan b but the process can't happen any quicker for two reasons. Alan, the course director also interviews prospective PHD students and he is currently out doing fourth and final teaching inspections to the 12 of us on the course. If you don't get in do not despair, two people on my course only found out two weeks before the course started that they got on because two people declined. If you do get on, you are in for some year and some amount of work but it is well worth it
  8. Hi ArtMcCarrick
    Yeah I understand what you are saying but I applied last year and the year before, both times Coleraine "lost" my rejection letter, and I only found out that I hadn't gained a place after ringing them and this was in Mid-May.
    Is the workload as bad as they say? :-/ How have you found your placements?
  9. You have 3 general assignments to hand in. End of October, end of January and end of May. Then you will get at least one more assignment for your subsidiary subject. You keep a teaching file for each of your teaching practices and do an e-portfolio as well as online discussions. That's not including 300+ lesson plans and evaluations!
  10. Hi, has anybody heard yet? I'm waiting to hear from the pgce art and design, and I'm cracking up! Its such a long wait!!!!
  11. Jeepers! Sounds like a fun filled year!lol But i suppose it has to be done!
    Hi Darganna, I applied for history, still no word its poison waiting isnt it!
  12. They can't allocate places until they are sure of funding, that's why there is a wait
  13. Hey,
    Man am I glad I'm no longer in your position - waiting was so hard. All I can say is if you dont get in - dont despair - try and try again. I applied twice to Coleraine, didnt get an interview first time and then rejection letter second time. A close friend applied 4 times for Art & Design - rejected after interview each time and placed on reserve list. In the end she "gave up" on the traditional route - and after 4 years working as a technician and an essential skills tutor completed her PGDFHE and her PGCFHE - and is now a fully qualified teacher working in a top Grammar in Belfast. Hard, long slog - but if you want it, its worth it.
    Also for any of you who have ANY politics background in your degree - consider applying for the Social Science PGCE at Queens - its excellent - and they do History as a subsidiary subject too.
  14. Any Joy???
  15. Got acceptance letter today...Im delighted!!! Anybody else heard back yet?

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