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History of Science HotSpots Competition

Discussion in 'Science' started by BSHS, May 13, 2011.

  1. <font face="Calibri">History of Science HotSpots Competition </font>To celebrate the launch of our new website, the BSHS Travel Guide (http://www.bshs.org.uk/travel-guide), we are inviting pupils from across the UK to tell us about a local place that they think is important to the history of science.
    Perhaps a famous scientist lived or worked in your local area, or an important discovery was made just around the corner. Is there a site of industrial importance or a famous institution right on your doorstep? If so, tell us all about it! You can even send us up to 3 photographs you have taken or pictures that you have drawn to bring your travel guide to life.
    Entries will be judged in three categories and prizes will be awarded for the winning entry in each age group: under-11, 11-14 and 15-18. The best entries will also be published on the website so that visitors from around the world can find out about the fascinating history of these scientific hotspots.
    Please send your HotSpot travel guides to schoolscompetition@bshs.org.uk<font size="3">. </font><font size="3">Deadline for entries is 13th July 2011. </font>Competition rules:
    Entries must be no longer than 1000 words and contain no more than 3 images
    Individuals, groups of students or whole classes may enter, however schools are restricted to no more than 5 entries per school per category.
    All entries must be sent in electronic format (preferably a Word document) clearly marked with the name of the school, teacher&rsquo;s contact details, names and ages of pupils.
    Due to copyright restrictions, all text and images including photographs or artwork must be original. Material reproduced from the internet or other sources will not be accepted by the judges.

  2. Just to remind everyone that the deadline for our HotSpots Competition
    is coming up next week so please encourage your students to enter.
    This could be a great end of term activity combining a bit of local
    history, creative writing and science, or an extension project for a
    keen group or individual. The figure of 1000 words is only a maximum -
    it doesn't have to be that long - and we welcome entries from all

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