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History Club (?)

Discussion in 'History' started by cewilson2011, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I am looking to start an extra curricular club for History enthusiasts in my school and I was wondering if anyone had some advice. I have considered Film clubs or maybe History in the News. History today - looking at Historical background to current events is a possibility.
    I am only in my second year of teaching and would love a bit of guidance from some wiser heads if posisble.
  2. kate harvey

    kate harvey New commenter

    What a great thing to do! I have been teaching for 10 years and have always run some sort of history club. The key thing is to focus on what interests and excites you, as you will be doing this in your spare time and you have to keep your motivation up. The children then feed off your enthusiasm. I tend to do a “theme” (food, fashion, battles, etc) or a period (Romans, vikings ancient greeks) for Key Stage 3.

    Some of my favourite themes; Food in History; Beastly Battles; Fashion in History; History and Comedy (blackadder/ carry on films etc); Great Historical Mysteries (Rasputin. Marie Celeste etc)
    For Key Stage 4 I tend to do DVDs and discussions that tie into their GCSEs.

    Hope this helps

  3. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    Get older students to help run it - if Sixth Formers keen to study History at Uni, might look good on their UCAS personal statement...
  4. I used to run a school History club some years ago. It was for KS3 only, and met from November to Easter-bad weather meant students were looking to stay in school at lunchtime! It also kept it manageable, which is important I think.
    I spread the load as much as possible by inviting staff to talk to the club about history-related hobbies or interests. Every History teacher was 'persuaded' to take a session.
    I had a 4 week activity rotation - a talk, a film, a quiz and 'pot luck'.Quizzes were fun- the students liked to help prepare them.Quizzes could use pictures, peculiar objects or straightforward factual questions.I booked a computer room occasionaly to do some research- have you ever googled your own surname? You could also use the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site to research people who died in WW1 or WW2 with your surname.We did displays for significant events. For the 25th anniversary of the school we researched prices from the year the school opened and put on a quiz/exhibition about that. Students could collect oral history at home and present it to the group.We did plays from time to time. I told them the story of Charles II in the oak tree and we re-enacted the scene 'When did you last see your father?'The most fun we ever had was during a quiz about what old words mean- I got a deputy head to give 3 different explanations for 'bumaree'.The kids loved it!
    Good luck with your club, but don't make it a burden. Involve others and keep it fun.
  5. Our history club are currently looking at the royal family after Queen Victoria... obviously spurred on by the royal wedding and the Queen's jubilee next year.

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