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History at Key Stage 3

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by LittleMatchstickOwen, May 21, 2019.

  1. LittleMatchstickOwen

    LittleMatchstickOwen New commenter

    Like many other schools around the country, the school where I teach history have taken to delivering our GCSE course over 3 years. A few years back I was tasked with creating some new medium term plans that covered our KS3 course over years 7 and 8. This of course would be quite a challenge with the amount of content to squeeze into two years.
    Now of course, a couple of years down the line it has been decided that our KS3 scheme of work needs to be re-written as we’re struggling to cover all the topics sufficiently. To my horror, one suggestion was to take out the Romans and replace it with something else pre 1066. Can anyone confirm if they have gone down a similar route? I simply can’t imagine any history department in Britain whodoesn’t teach the Romans, or am I being an old stick in the mud?
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    But Romans are also a compulsory element of KS2 history, aren't they? Obviously you may go into greater depth at KS3, but missing them out won't mean the pupils don't know anything.
    The KS3 requirement is for "the study of an aspect or theme in British history that consolidates and extends pupils’ chronological knowledge from before 1066" - the examples seem to suggest looking at an aspect across the centuries, rather than one period. If you're short of time, perhaps it could be combined with the "local history" aspect, looking at how their locality has developed over the centuries.

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