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Hiring the best quality teachers help needed

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Tarby7, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Dear All

    I am currently working on a project for my HR degree and was hoping to gain any insight from regular contributors especially with Mathematics as a specialism.
    My assignment has me placed in a fictional education establishment and they are finding it hard to attract high quality Maths professionals with Heads of Departments and Leaders in Mathematics being the main areas that need to be addressed immediately.
    I am hoping you may be able to help with the following :

    How do you keep abreast of new opportunities. Do you read certain websites,leave your CV on certain job boards?
    Once you are employed what are the things that make you stay? Career development, money, etc
    Are you affiliated with any awarding bodies if so who and why?
    Additionally any comments that you think may be of interest then please let me know.
    Many thanks for reading and enjoy the holiday period!
    Many thanks
  2. September

    September New commenter


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