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hip 'n cool songs for leavers assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by foxyferrari, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Ok, leavers assembly coming up soon - anyone out there got any ideas for adapting slightly more 'edgy' songs that will appeal to our streetwise, seen it all before type of Y6 kids. Specifically Nickelback's 'Rock Star' which they are keen to do but the words need changing (quite a lot in some places). Done Shine, Reach for the Stars, Proud etc in other productions and assemblies. Last year our witty and talented Y6 teacher did the Proclaimers Letter from America only it was Letter from t'Academy (which they were all going to).
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  2. "We're all in this together" from High School Musical

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  3. Last song from 'Grease'.
  4. I've got quite a few rock kids in my class, so I'm thinking I might just get away with The Ataris - In This Diary. The message behind it is fairly fitting.
  5. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    Proud by Heather Small. Always a winner!
  6. TweedJacket

    TweedJacket New commenter

    Heather Small - hip 'n' cool?
  7. angrypuppy

    angrypuppy New commenter

    The climb - miley cyrus
    good ridance - green day
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  8. Something by Michael Jackson? We are the World (great lyrics: we are the world, we are the children...) or Heal The World.

  9. TweedJacket

    TweedJacket New commenter

    Or Beat It perhaps?
    Others might include: Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd, The Scientist by Coldplay or School's Out by Alice Cooper,

  10. Hi Foxy,
    I've put the assembly my P7 class used (same as Yr 6).It's called (originally!) Gibb's Leavers' Assembly.
    It's got a wee drama,prayers, reminiscing and a powerpoint and these are split up with 3 songs with words changed. Hope some of it can be of use to you.
    Good luck
  11. Thank you for that, looks great, esp the songs. Spookily, we did the 'old folks on the bench' routine last year, not sure where we got it from. Yours is a slightly different take on it though.
    Cheers Foxy
  12. Hi Gibb,
    I've left a review on the Resource Bank, but just want to say thanks again (after reading the assembly through) cos it's going to be really useful. I can't see me making many changes - kind of you to share this.
  13. Time of your life, Greenday. My year six LOOOVE it. I says bull 'S' once, you can download a clean version that just says bull.

    Good luck!

  14. Beat It! - great idea!!
  15. Try Believe from the Singbook. Do something brilliant they've never heard of before. http://www.singbook.org.uk/song_believe.php

  16. We always make a leavers pop video
    so far we have done

    Movin' On Up - Primal Scream
    Sweet Harmony - The Beloved
    Altogether Now - The Farm
    Get A Life - Soul II Soul

    very 90s vibe going on
  17. Just thought I'd share this. One of my colleagues came up with a brilliant idea. All of our Y6s are miming the words from the Perfect Day song (Lou Reed et al) and they've been filmed, lip-syncing with some wonderfully over-the-top gestures. She's cut and edited their cameo performances together with the track playing in the background. Utterly brilliant.
    Along with the obligatory Foundation to Y6 powerpoint (cue tissues) we've musicians, vocal solos (Fields of Gold, Hallelujah etc), a rap duet about computers by two of the 'nerdiest' lads in the cohort and, for light relief, my class are, en masse, performing The Evolution of Dance, which they mastered in the Autumn during their Sixties history topic.
    Oh yeah...not to forget 'One More Step...' :)
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  18. You've got a friend in me from Disney goes down well, especially with them all holding hands.[​IMG]
  19. Ours are quite keen to do a Michael Jackson track. One couple of lads (a bright pair, so I'm assuming it was tongue in cheek) suggested 'They Don't Care About Us'. I felt it may not be in keeping until my TA said we could use it over a scene about SATs!
    Other ideas have included I'll Be There and Man In The Mirror although non Jacko ideas have come up too:
    Worlds Greatest/ I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly
    Reach - S Club 7
    The Climb - Miley Cyrus
    Something Inside So Strong - Labi Siffre
    We Are The Champions - Queen
    Never Forget/ Greatest Day - Take That
  20. Mint ideas everyone! It's astounding the amount of work everyone seems to be putting into their leavers assemblies - especially considering everything else we have to do at this end of term. We are now doing 'More than a Feeling' (70s power ballad) - with the words changed to 'All of Us Leaving' and 'Wake me Up when September Ends' (Green Day) - thank you Gibb for that one, great lyrics already changed. Plus the obligatory memories slot, sketches, powerpoint and embarrassing stories bit. At our school each child has a folder into which they put 3 pieces of their favourite work at the end of every academic year. They're not allowed to look at it so it's a bit 'time capsule' by the time they get to Y6. They get it back near the end of term (cue lots of hilarious laughter at pics of them holding lego models aged 6, or paintings of Spot that look like splodges) and choose 1 piece to present and talk about in the leavers assembly. The folder is called (get this) the Happy Keepy folder 'cos, er.....it's happy and you keep stuff in it. Thanks for all suggestions, gd luck everyone.
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