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hilighting on development matters sheets to show progress???

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by minilady, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. hi does anyone use this method of tracking individual children's progress. thanks
  2. hi does anyone use this method of tracking individual children's progress. thanks
  3. We do, but along with notes on planning, learning journeys, big books, LEA instigated assessment etc etc.
    We highlight as we include statements in our planning, and have a tracking sheet for each child to highlight ongoing.
  4. Yes, in Pre-school and Nursery. We have them on 6 A3 sheets, one for each area of learning and the statements are colour-coded to show the different age bands. I have uploaded this formeet onto my resources if you want to see/download it. Just click on my user name and then look for Early Years Development matters.
    In Reception we use A3 profile sheets and the e-profile.
  5. We do, along with P levels.
  6. Sorry for being dim... but are you talking Nursery or Reception?
  7. In my case, Nursery, Reception and Year 1.....special school
  8. hi i'm thinking of using for both N and R. The reception children will also have eprofile (or later in year only eprofile) but hope introducing into both will show progression and as a starting point for reception rather than doing a baseline for each area. Obviously will check the end of N and amend accordingly. Hope this makes sense thanks to prompt replies it's fab to know help/advice is out there!!!

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