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Highs and lows of being 0.8

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by roadwalker8, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. roadwalker8

    roadwalker8 New commenter

    I have just finished my first week of being 4 days (secondary) after many years FT. That day off was glorious! Why I never requested it sooner I do not know.
    Can I expect this feeling to continue or is the long term reality different? Great to hear others experiences.
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  2. Steph2002

    Steph2002 New commenter

    Hi, I am thinking of doing this. But I will drop nearly 8000 a year income.. someone also said you get less frees???
    Is it really worth it
    Plus how much notice did you give.
  3. roadwalker8

    roadwalker8 New commenter

    Hi Steph2002,
    Thanks for the reply. I too lose around that figure in pay. However, I assume with lower tax and pension contributions, the hit will be a little less. Yes, you get fewer frees, but only in proportion to what you work.
    I asked in February, so SMT had plently of time to organise timetable.
    For me personally, I feel it is worth it to give me some balance back to my life. It was great to not feel totally whacked by Friday afternoon. I will see if things change.
    I am also not totally sure how it will affect pension - I am only in late 40s, but plan to leave at 55.
  4. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    The hit on take-home pay is rather less than the hit on gross pay, because the personal allowance covers a greater proportion of your salary.
    You have to request, not give notice. If in secondary, it's much easier to grant requests made in good time for a change in September, as the timetable can take into account your days. A change mid-year is likely to mean having to get someone to cover the other day, and split groups.
    Pension: you'll accrue about 80% of the pension. I've lost track of the changes to the pension scheme, but certainly it used to be that you would accumulate only 0.8 of a year each year in contribution years, but the pension is worked out off the full-time equivalent of your salary (so you don't get penalised twice).
  5. Steph2002

    Steph2002 New commenter

    Thanks for these replies. This week after talking to teachers union having second thoughts !
    They tell me that you CAN GO UP AND DOWN fte depending on the school needs! We are already overstaffed in my Dept..worried I.d get 0.5 when someone returns from maternity !! I am older tescher, and we are first out!!
  6. Steph2002

    Steph2002 New commenter

    Someone emailed me and said..if you get 0.8 that is permanent. It can,t be reduced..but days you work will change. Is that right??
  7. strawbs

    strawbs Occasional commenter

    days can change unless they are specifically stated in contract
  8. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Established commenter

    Highs and lows of being 0.8
    To answer the question...... though my idea of being part-time is not getting enough supply work:(

    Mrs Cazorla has been PT (usually 0.6) for around 10 years now and she still can't manage a decent work-life balance. She seems to just up the quality of marking and planning so presumably it now takes twice as long as the lesson lasts to plan it:(

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