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Higher Ability Maths resources

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by rainbow brite, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am the Maths co-ordinator at my school and am currently looking into higher ability resources for each year group. We have the Collins scheme (not the Enriching Maths books - what are they like?) already although we don't work exclusively from that. I find that I make or find resources from the internet to suit the objective/learning I want to take place. However I need to be seen to be doing something as it is a whole school issue and was picked up on by the dreaded Ofsted and I don't think "make worksheets/look on the internet" is really going to cut it so I wondered if anyone could recommend any good resources that are available for all year groups that extend HA children.
  2. star9

    star9 New commenter

    Which Year groups/Key Stages?
  3. Sorry, I totally didn't make that clear! I am at a primary school so Years 1-6 mainly with any additional guidance for Reception appreciated.
  4. star9

    star9 New commenter

    Have you got links to Nrich and mathematical challenges for more able pupils?
  5. hi - if you take a look at our website, www.mathswarriors.co.uk, you'll find a range of resources specifically designed for the more able pupils - for example, in the 'worksheets / workcards' section there are sets of 'challenge cards' for years 3 to 6 (all complete with answers) - and there are other worksheets too which might suit your purpose eg the 'number placement' problems or the 'sets and logic' problems - it's all free of charge and ready for you to download and use - and all materials have been well tried and tested in the classroom with more able children - hope this is helpful - best wishes, kk / maths warriors ps you might also consider adopting a whole-school policy on investigative maths (ie that there should be maths investigations of some sort as a regular part of the programme) - there are ks1 and ks2 investigations on our website which i think you might like - but obviously elsewhere on the internet too
  6. we keep a box of the latter in each classroom for the more able to dip into whenever they have finished their set work - they do start as ks1 - - however, it doesn't really work in one year group where most of the able kids are a bit wimpy - they work best when 2 or more kids can have a go at them together - so the one truly sparky kid in that year group prefers to act as a pupil teacher
    they're not available on the government website any more, but lancashire gfl has them
    also - you need a time and person kids can go to to discuss problems they're stuck on
    there is an issue with maths - it is where the fractures widen first as it can be hard for gat kids to enrich their own work (rather than doing more of the same, with more difficult arithmetic) in a way they might in english or topic-based work - we take a cohort out from each year group once a week for an off-curriculum lesson, but that relies on a volunteer, as do other schools i know who do similar

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