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Highchair recommendations

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by sauce, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Need to go shopping for a highchair. Have some giftcards from Mothercare so will use those to buy the chair.
    Please could you recommend a good highchair or tell me which to avoid. Don't really want to spend a fortune on it (Have £70 of giftcards but have some other things I would also like to get).
  2. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Hi Sauce,
    a lot depends on how much space you have- We have a very small 1bed flat and as space is a premium we opted to buy this one

    [​IMG] Phil and Ted's me too
    It's very practical- we can take it out to use are grand parents, restarants etc. It's washable too.
    About £40 I think- (we hinted to someone and they bought it for a present).
  3. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    "opted to buy this one" should have written " we wanted to buy this one"
  4. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

  5. A friend bought one of those travel ones you tie to your chair from mothercare - 20 quid. Nothing to stop you using that as your main one.

    Asda baby and toddler event starts on Tuesday and they have the Graco Gourmet one for 25 - fromt he picture it looks like it would fold flat. I have the cheapo ikea one (15) and it's great - we have limited space too,, but keep it up most of the time. The legs come off but the seat isn;t a folding one (I just keep it on a dining chair if we're storing it.
  6. Oops, just realised you want to buy it in Mothercare, sorry!
  7. I know you've said you'll get it at Mothercare, but have you considered getting the Ikea on - it's only £15-ish including the tray, and it's easily the best one I've used (used various ones in restaurants and I originally had a more expensive one, but the Ikea one is the best I've used - my son's posture in it is much better than in any other). Plus the Ikea one is so easy to clean.
  8. I would recommend the Ikea highchair! Easy to clean, great value and great for posture (my twin girls sit upright in these ones and don't slouch and slide down).
  9. Unfortunately the IKEA highchair is not an option for us. I have looked at it on their website and you can not order it online- only buy it in store. Well, our nearest IKEA is 2 hours drive away. Don't fancy a four hour round trip just to buy a highchair!!
    So Mothercare it is. Has anyone bought a highchair from Mothercare which they would recommend?
  10. http://www.mothercare.com/Arc-Highchair-with-SteriTouch-Leaf/dp/B0030SS97K/sr=1-17/qid=1295289104/ref=sr_1_17/277-7848145-8330756?_encoding=UTF8&m=A2LBKNDJ2KZUGQ&n=42862041&mcb=core

    We bought this one and love it. Fortunately we have the room in our kitchen to leave it up as it is on the large side. Easy to clean, lots of storage for toys, wipes and bibs underneath, easy to assemble. It does stand upright when folded down but still takes up a lot of room.
  11. Sorry Sauce - for some reason I thought you had mentioned wanting something smaller!
    The height adjustment is one of the reasons we bought it - at christmas we removed the tray and he took up position at the head of the table with his mashed christmas veggies! It was in the sale when we bought it too - don't think I've ever seen it at full price as have looked before when friends have asked
  12. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    I've heard good things about the Happy Snack highchair (Chicco). Mothercare currently have it reduced to £39.99. It has a handy storage basket underneath for storing bibs, wipes etc.
  13. Did you shop for the high chair yet. We brought a big expensive mama's and papa's chair for our little girl but after a month or so replaced it with a seat that clipped onto our breakfast bar which was fantastic. Space was limited in our old kitchen and the clip on seat took up no room at all. The high chair went back into it's box and into my parents gargage. Baby number 2 and and new house with a dining room we tried the high chair again, but after a month we replaced it with a basic chair from Ikea. The clip on seat was unsuitable for our table much to my disappointment. Again a fantastic buy. Our first chair had much too much padding, straps didn't come off (both a nightmare for keeping it clean, and believe me they get mucky!) and took up too much space. My advice, keep the £70 for other bits and spend £15 in Ikea.
  14. no have not bought it yet.
    would happily buy the ikea highchair but am not able to - see post 9, so i'm looking for other options

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