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High risk pregnancy confused how to take maternity leave

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by supercharged, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hi I am having mono mono twins - which are classed as a high risk pregnancy. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant but as I am under a specialist for this type of pregnancy they have told me that they will likely take the babies out at 28 weeks.
    Problem one is my maternity leave is still worked out on 40 weeks so officially I have to say my maternity leave is starting 3 weeks after the babies will have been born - all being well.
    Which makes problem number two - If I can't work all the days I am suppose to be working I will have to take them as sick - but does this affect my overall maternity pay or is it the same 1 month rule for starting maternity leave ( backdated in time).

    Its really confusing me as I am trying not to mess the school around so I have told them all the facts, but on paper there seems to be no changning the rules.
    One of my friends said that you can start at 25 weeks but can't get this clarified anywhere. Anyone with any info I would gratefully receive it.
  2. You can choose to start mat leave 11 weeks before the estimated due date (i.e. 29 weeks pregnant). I did this as I was on supply, so started MA in Jan and baby due end of march. Then maternity leave kicks in on that date or when baby(ies!) born, whichever is earlier.
    You may need to take sick leave if you can't work right up until they are born (whatever point that is) but as I understand it (not been in this position so not 100%) you cannot be forced onto maternity leave before babies arrive except if you have hit 36 weeks - it would be sick leave.
  3. I think you can be signed off sick . Your consultant will support this Im sure and your gp will give you a sick note. Your mat leave, for purposes of pay and going back to work date, will begin at 36 weeks (obvs not applicable to you) or when your babies are born (sounds most likely scenario).

    I had a high risk pg, was signed off work at 32 weeks expected to go into labour v early. i didn't and so I was on full pay (sick leave) until the day I was 36 weeks pg when my mat leave officially began.

    Much much luck to you with your lovely little babies. My Lo was in a NICU for 5 weeks and the staff are just totally amazing at supporting the babies and importantly also supporting you and your family.

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