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High blood pressure worries

Discussion in 'Personal' started by shy anne, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Went to GP today to get results of recent bone density scan and had
    my blood pressure taken by the nurse - it was sooooo high even she was
    shocked! I do not really understand the figures but my first reading was
    almost 200 over something, then came down to 170 in a second reading.
    Apparently it should be round 120 so I have to go back to the GP on
    Friday for another reading.
    I am now a bit worried having done
    some browsing on the Internet, my reading are at the top of all the
    charts and I am fully expecting to drop down dead any minute!
    the diet will have to start NOW and I discuss any other changes to my
    life style with the doctor. The nurse said I could cut down on caffeine
    but I only have one cup of coffee a day, preferring to drink water during
    the day but I do have a can of coke each evening so maybe that will
    have to go. I will have no problem cutting down on alcohol as although I
    enjoy a drink, I can take it or leave it really. The research I did
    said that my BP is so high that I should not start to exercise without
    advice from my GP - now that really has got me worried!!
    I have posted this message in the Health forum as well but think more people might read this one and hopefully give me some advice and reassurances.
    I am just waiting for my GP to ask me if I have a stressful job - as teacher and SENCO, I reckon I do!!!
  2. Bear in mind that blood pressure readings are often unreliable because of "white coat syndrome".
    It'll not do any harm to follow the nurse's advice but don't panic yet - apart from anything else it's not good for your blood pressure.

  3. I have heard of 'white coat syndrome' but I was not at all worried while the reading was being taken as I had not concerns about my blood pressure!! I will be worried on Friday though so will go early and do some calming breathing in the waiting room!

  4. Same happened to me about 13 years ago ( 50 years old, overweight, unfit and overstressed - blood pressure 240 over 150 - now that was scary. It was stubbornly high even after waiting a week so off to hospital pronto for tests. No damage to vital organs though and so put on medication to bring bp down. I am still taking tablets every day and always will but it's no big deal other than an annual bp check and blood tests. In fact I am off tomorrow for my annual MOT.

    If yours is still high after a week then your doctor may advise you about lifestyle changes - like I lost 3 stone and took up fellwalking again as well as cutting down on beer (oh well ).

    I am hoping you will be fine but even if your blood pressure is permanently high it is not the end of the world if you look after yourself and take your meds if prescribed. Wishing you well!
  5. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    I've been on BP tablets since 1990, do watch the salt in your diet, I have cut right down so only use it sparingley now.
    Alcohol, caffeine, why deprive yourself, limit yourself so your not drinking 10 espressos every day and getting hammered every night. Smoking is another thing to cut out if you do. Also eat high fibre foods and cut down on fat. Try to relax more, do yoga, tai chih or meditation.
    But don't get stressed, stress is the worst thing!
    Be happy and enjoy life, that;s the main thing.
  6. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    Try not to worry. I was diagnosed with HBP about ten years ago, at a time in my life when I'd never been fitter or healthier (size 10, regularly working out and running six miles in an hour, etc...). In my case it is highly likely to be hereditary, and I've been on medication ever since, but I don't worry about things. Think of it as a plus that it has been discovered. I am sure they will medicate if necessary and your BP will be brought under control.
  7. My mum used to have HBP. She was overweight. She was put on meds but these were stopped after she had a spell in hospital (not sure why exactly). Anyway, since the onset of her dementia, she has lost lots of weight and her BP is now normal.
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    That's got to be in he running for the 'every cloud...' irony of the week.
  9. Thanks for all the reassurances, I just hope my BP is a bit lower on Friday as I really do not want a spell in hospital for tests - I have never been in hospital as I even had my children in a nursing home!!
  10. Like lapin said, cut out salt. That and a daily pill will knock it right down.
  11. DON'T PANIC.
    My wife suffers with "white coat syndrome", although she is normally laid back. The doc accepted this and said "24h BP monitoring at home". The machine was set to take readings every 15 minutes, so a simple average, analysis of peaks and troughs etc could show if all was well.
    HOWEVER, the cuff she was given was too small. It kept coming off when it automatically inflated and the readings went through the roof. We tried to tie it on, but it was a real pain (in more ways than one). Plus, she knew every 15mins there would be a thump as the machine switched on! We had a miserable 15h then gave up.
    We bought a machine of our own (£7.50 from Lloyds, with a large cuff) and all was well. We took it to the docs where it was cross-checked against their machine and accepted as being within tolerance for accurate readings. At first we measuured every 2h and produced a spreadsheet of results. Then we dropped to every day. Now she checks once per month.
    When we go to the docs, we leave early with me driving. No worries about traffic, no worries about parking. No worries about BP.
    Hope all goes well on Friday and in the future.

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